Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


21. Battle to the end

Plagg flew on to the roof sitting by me and gave me an unsure look. "I know that your probably feeling a lot of emotions right now but we have to help Lady bug stop Marinette. She's the strongest akuma out there right now and the only way we can save her is to beat her. You do know this right?"  I gave a small node to her words and stood up. Plagg turned pale and gave me a nervous laugh. "So um I just found out that Lady bug won't be able to join us in this fight. Where on our own. Don't get your tail in a knot though I have a plane but first I need some Camembert."  I manged a laugh as I shook my head. "Of course you do Plagg." I said with a chuckle and gave him some. Soon enough I was going from roof to roof in pairs taking the path that Plagg had given me. Down below there were people crying not sure what to do and others that had the worst luck ever. I sighed and thought that this must be what shattered mirror does. Soon I made my way to Nino's house and silently slipped in with out getting caught.

I walked casually into the building ignoring all the awed stares I was getting and punched the button to wait for my lift. Of course my luck was bad and the elevator was packed so I was stuck in there dressed a super hero. I mean what can be more awkward then that? Well I'm glad you asked me that because the answer is being stuck on a crowed elevator dressed a super hero with your best friend who doesn't know you really save the day. We both got off on the 5th floor and I coughed to clear my throat and brake the awkward silence that filled the building. "You were the bubbleler weren't you?" He nodes awkwardly as I mentally slap my self for reminding him of his lowest time in his life. 'Wow you really a jerk man.' I thought to my self in my head and shook my head. "I found it sweet that you got akumaized for your friend because you were mad." He scratched his head and gave me a weird smile. "Umm...Thanks...I think...so um what are you doing here? You know since your a super hero and all I don't see you around here much you know?" I looked down not sure my self why I was here. "Let's just say I was called here for what I don't know yet..." He chuckled and made a joke out of the situation we were in. "I was called here to man. Hey maybe I was called to be a superhero to man." He laughed a bit at his joke.

Then suddenly an old man came out with a smile on his face. "Why yes, that is exactly why you where called here today."

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