Pokémon Trainer Card Store

**Store Open** Using a website specialising in Pokémon creations, I make personalised Pokémon Trainer Cards. If you would like to request one, follow the instructions in the first chapter and I'll make you one and contact you when it's finished!


1. Instructions For Requests


​Read everything below and comment exactly what you want. You'll need to specify;

- Your name/nickname

- Your 12 digit friend code, real or made up (e.g. 1356 - 2265 - 9901)

- The background design (see the next chapter for design options)

- The sprite you want to appear as (see the next page for design options)

- The gym badges you want and how many (up to 8) (see the next page for badge options)

- Your pokémon team (you can choose from any pokémon except those from Sun and Moon)

Alternatively, if you would like me to select the designs for you, just comment your name and gender and I'll randomly select your friend code, background design, sprite, gym badges and pokémon team. Just specify in your comment that you want me to choose these for you!

*Remember to see the next page for design options!*

**Your trainer card will be published on a separate chapter with your username in the chapter title. I'm aiming to get your card completed the same day that you request it.**

​I use the website PokeCharms to make these cards - the software is not mine and all designs shown here belong to them, not me!

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