1. Him

I don't remember my birth parents. I tell the others I do. I tell them they were great people and they loved me. I tell them they tragically died in a car crash, with no family to leave me to I was forced into a foster home. In reality, I know nothing about them. Truthfully I'm scared to know who they really were. We're they crack addicts? Did they go to jail? Did they die? Did they love me? These questions were on a constant loop on my mind everyday. After being transferred to three different foster homes, due to the fact that I never seemed to get along with the other foster kids and I was always causing 'problems', i met him. I was eight at the time. I had been put in a foster home at the age of four, and been in the system ever since. No one wanted to adopt me, I didn't pop like the others ones. I wasn't social, I wasn't the cutest kid and I didn't have any special talents. I was always in the background, no one really noticed me until he came along, Andrew. He was put into foster care at the age of 9, which is how he was when I met him. He walked right towards me and sat beside me. At first I panicked. Thinking is he gonna make fun of me? Will I be kicked out of this place for not getting along with another kid? Instead he did something that surprised me. He said hi. He introduced himself to me and actually made an effort to talk to me, something no one had ever done. After that we were like two peas in a pod. We did everything together. We ate together, we roomed together and we played together. Although Andrew was very open and outgoing towards me, he never talked to the other kids. Which made a lot of them pretty angry. Especially this one girl Elena, who had never liked me and grew to dislike me even more because of me and Andrews close relationship. One night she came into my room while I was sleeping and covered my face with her hands. I couldn't breath, I tried screaming but no noise came. Andrew suddenly awoke and shoved her off of me. He told her if she ever got near me again she would regret it, it's safe to say that she stayed away from me for a long long time. That night he crawled into my bed and hugged me. We stayed like that all night, the world was finally quiet. That's when we became intertwined.

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