Words Unspoken

My heart on my sleeve,
express in my words.
Sad story about life


1. Pain

Life's greatest lessons are learned through pain

I think that's why love is so...difficult

When we fall in love we put ourselves at risk

when we choose to love someone we open ourselves too, two different worlds of pain

and sometimes that breaks that 'Love'

Love does not come without sacrifice

people live their lives by what they accept

As correct and true, their "Reality"

They live their lives in their own world

shape by their beliefs

It's why...we can all be so different yet the same

just because you cannot understand it

does not mean that you are right or that I am

It just means you and I live on different

planes of the same world

So even if you cannot understand my pain,

or someone else's pain just know...

When you hurt a certain way you know different

that we all fall down just from different heights,

that we all lose something when we gain something

But no matter the pain a lesson is learned...

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