On accident


2. Eric

Eric P.O.V

2 years ago..

Fire, there was fire everywhere. Smoke filled my lungs. I couldn't breathe. The scary thing is I wasn't worried about me. The doorknob to my bedroom door was scorching. It felt as if it had burned a whole in my hand. I rammed my body into the door as hard as I could before the door started to cave in. I started to pick apart the whole I had made and somehow managed to squeeze myself through it. There was fire everywhere. I did my best to swerve around it and run to my brothers room. The doorknob burnt my hand again, but this time I was more determined. I grabbed it as fast as possible and swung the door open. I thought the worst of it was over, until I saw one of my brothers unconscious as my other brother was crying over his body. I picked them both up and put them over my shoulders. I ran out of the room with the intent on getting out of this house as fast as possible. Then a sudden thought occurred to me in a flash. Mom? Dad? Did they get out? Then I slowly realized they wouldn't have left the house without my brothers and I. I tried to go to there room but the flames were much to high and and the smoke was getting worse, if I didn't get out of this house now I was gonna pass out and then my brothers would be left alone to die along side me. With that thought in my mind I managed to get out. I laid my brothers onto my front yard as I continuously coughed. The thought didn't even occur to me to call 911, my mind was telling me to sleep. Luckily the neighbours woke up to the screams of my brothers and called the police for us. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital to a nurse staring at me with a pitying look. I immediately thought of my brothers Carl and Xavier. Did they not make it? Did my parents get out? Was I an orphan ? My body jerked up as I tried to remove the tubes attached to my shaking body. I felt the pressure of a nurses hands pressing on my chest in an attempt to keep me down. This made me angrier. I started flailing my arms, doing anything to get her off of me. I felt a needle pierce my arm and then everything went dark. I awoke later to find my father sitting beside me with his head in his hands. I didn't even get a chance to feel relief that he was alive, all I could think about was why he was crying, who did we lose? My dad seemed to snap out of it as his head rose up to me. He sat up and hugged me tight. I couldn't remember the last time I cried, especially in front of anyone. Now my tears were openly falling onto his t-Shirt, soaking it. He didn't seem to take notice as his tears did the same thing. I can't remember exactly how long we sat like that before I asked the question I was dying to ask. My throat hurt from all the smoke, I could barely get out words. I needed to know, I slowly pulled away from him and asked "did anyone make it?" In the steadiest voice I could do at this moment. He proceeded to tell me Carl was going to be okay, but Xavier hadn't woken up yet. They found my moms burnt body. She had been lying in bed, not realizing she left her curling iron on all night. At Least she died peacefully. Even thinking that made me want to throw up. Through out all of this I realized I had no clue how my dad got out. I asked him which lead to him crying more. He proceeded to mumble he had been at a "friends house". I went immediately cold, as soon as he told me his friend was his pretty brunette co worker I suddenly couldn't look him in the eyes. I didn't even try to hide the disgust on my face, he looked completely broken. That's the only thing that softened my resolve. After complaining to the nurse for over an hour she finally caved in and told my father I could be released. I ran to the room Xavier was being kept in. As soon as I saw him, I knew the damage done to his skin was more then I had even realized. At some point when I was trying to get into my parents room and the flames started to surround me, his face must have been extremely close to the flames. The left side of his face was complete burnt. For the second time that day, I cried more then I ever thought I could.

Ever since that day we had been living in a motel room. My dad working as much as he could and I even took on an extra part time job. We needed to get out of my hometown, it was suffocating. Everywhere we went people looked at us in Pity, I couldn't stand it. The teachers at school insisted I start therapy, but why? It's not like that would bring my mom back, or fix the left side of Xavier's face or stop Carl from waking up in the middle of the night screaming from the nightmares of what happened that night. So no there was no point in talking about it, it wouldn't change anything. One night during my friends many attempts to get me to have fun, they told me we should go to this party not to far away from where we lived. At first I told him no, but as I thought about it later I figured maybe getting drunk and hooking up with a girl would make me feel better. I decided to pre-drink before the party so no one tried to drink my shit. I got to the party hammered out of my mind, everything was blurry, I can't remember how I got from room to room but suddenly As I was being pulled away by this wasted girl, everything around the room remained blurry but where one girl was grinding on some guy smiling like she's the happiest she's ever been. We made eye contact and it felt like everything was put on hold. She was hot. After my momentary stocker moment, the girl who had latched herself on to me started tugging on my arm. I walked out of the room feeling like I was gonna regret it. After a while my drunkness started to fade into a nice buzz. I walked back downstairs to go look for some more Alcohol when I noticed the same girl from earlier, she was still dancing. Something seemed to have came over me as I walked up to the guy she was dancing with, asking him to cut in. I wasn't sure if the guy wanted to punch me or cry. Before he could say anything I heard a loud voice yelling sure. We started dancing and it felt good, she seemed different then other girls, she was letting lose, not caring what other people thought because she was just enjoying the moment. It was refreshing to see that in a girl. After a while of dancing I felt a tightening in my jeans, at first I was nervous that she was going to stop, but when she turned around, licked her lips and kissed me I had no words. I kissed her back with the same fierceness she was kissing me with, usually I had to lead girls when I kissed them, but with her it was like we were 2 people fighting for dominance, when I swiped my tongue in her mouth she did the same. After a while of this we pulled apart, she looked at me with eyes full of desire and I could see my reflection in her eyes sharing the same look. She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs, I really wasn't sure how far she was willing to go. We walked upstairs and locked one of the bedroom doors, we began kissing and it felt like it had lasted for hours. Eventually she pulled away again, I thought she was going to tell me she made a mistake or run out of the room dramatically, I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for was her unbuckling my belt while maintaining eye contact with me essentially asking for my permission. I answered her question without words by nodding slightly. As she took of my boxers and her mouth collided with my lower half. It's not like I've never done something like this, but this girl was making it much more pleasurable then usual. It also helped that she was incredibly hot. Right as I was about to finish, sirens. Someone started to pound on the door.

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