Short Fanfics (probably not finished)

So these are some fanfics or just some stories I never finished as a kid, when I had a dirty mind like everyone else I was friends with and still am. So just read and tell me what you think. Also if you want to suggest a fanfic or short story go ahead and comment it down below and I'll make whatever you comment into a story/fanfic thing. Bye!!!


6. The witch (unfinished)


The witch (unfinished)

        Well hello. I'm Miranda and I'm a witch. I know what you're thinking, A witch? What no, well yes. So let's get on to the story. 

      I was walking down the street when I bumped into someone (cliche, I know, but it's not what you think). "Look where you are going!" I yelled looking up. "I'm so sorry, um let me take you out to coffee." The person said franticly. As I finished looking up, I saw the one and only Harry Styles. When he saw my face he smiled, or I guess it was a smirk. So he thought he could get me huh. Well I'm 500 years old and I know how to deal with guys like you. I smiled flirty and said, "How about something different." I bit my lip. "I say yes," He smiled. "Wrong choice," He looked confused, then I turned him into a cat. Everyone does say he loves cats. Well now he is one. I picked him up and evaporated home. "Here let's go get you some food." I smiled and set him on the counter and got some cat food out. "Meow Meow," Harry meowed. "Oh don't be so whiny. Here have some food." I gave him the food. "Now what about your friends. I mean I could turn them into animals. Oh hey there Cody." I smiled as I saw Cody Simpson, who I also turned into a cat when I meet him and he ticked me off. "Meow," Cody meowed.  "No, you can't not eat Harry's food. Go to your own bowl. I have to get Harry used to the house." I shooed him away.


     Hi, so this is probably going nowhere, but if you have any ideas for this go ahead and comment, or if you want me to write a story for you, then comment away. Like, favorite, comment, whatever. Bye!!

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