Short Fanfics (probably not finished)

So these are some fanfics or just some stories I never finished as a kid, when I had a dirty mind like everyone else I was friends with and still am. So just read and tell me what you think. Also if you want to suggest a fanfic or short story go ahead and comment it down below and I'll make whatever you comment into a story/fanfic thing. Bye!!!


2. Something's wrong with my eyes (I don't think it's finished)


Something's wrong with my eyes

      I woke up and your head was hurting so much I felt like dying. I looked to your side and muffled a scream with my hand. Addies corpse was right next to me. What happened to her? Where am I? What happened last night? 

  "Help" I whimpered. 

 "It's okay. Just partied a lot last night." Addie smiled with no teeth.

 I tried to scream, but her rotting hand covered my mouth. I would lick her hand, but you know, it's kinda rotting. I started thrashing my arms and legs to get her off as she was now trying to keep me still. What is going on? Help, something's wrong with my eyes, was the last thing I thought when I blacked out. 



            So tell me what you think in the comments. I kinda liked it. It was one of my better stories, also I have no Idea who Addie is, just some name I thought of. I will most likely make a part 2 to this, but with better quantity of writing skills as I'm older. Comment, like, favorite, whatever. Bye!

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