Short Fanfics (probably not finished)

So these are some fanfics or just some stories I never finished as a kid, when I had a dirty mind like everyone else I was friends with and still am. So just read and tell me what you think. Also if you want to suggest a fanfic or short story go ahead and comment it down below and I'll make whatever you comment into a story/fanfic thing. Bye!!!


5. Kidnapped by 1 Direction because of truth or dare part 3 (unfinished)



       (Sky's p.o.v)

           Where is she? Maybe she needed the perfect outfit? Or maybe she's picking me an emergency outfit, because I can't pick clothes. Well I like my outfit, I have on my lucky shirt (it's a leprechaun cat riding on a unicorn cat pointing at you), my white leggings, and mint converse. Oh well, it's her birthday, I'll wear whatever she wants. Where is she? Uh, just get here already angel, it's bad to talk to yourself!

     Ring! RingRing!

            Finally! "Coming!" I yelled running down the stairs. "Hey," Angel smiled. "Let's get going, I'm the one with the car. I could have left you." I said. "Yeah right. Well come on. Oh and your outfit is okay. Still not acceptable, but I forgot an extra outfit." She scrunched up her face. We got in the car.

                                                                                 (Skipping car ride)                                                                                                                                                                                    --------------------------

    "Finally where here!!" Angel screamed, hopping out of the car. "Yep," I smiled at her. We went to our seats, which were in the first row. When the show started, my eardrums exploded. Then to make it worse, the boys came on stage and the screaming got louder, also all their eyes landed on me. Creepy if I do say so myself.


   Hey, so the story is coming together. Part 4 will be coming out next, and it will probably be the last one. Wait no, it's not. You know I should have just made this a story. Oh well. Well, comment if you want me to make a story for you. Like, favorite, comment, whatever. Bye!

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