Short Fanfics (probably not finished)

So these are some fanfics or just some stories I never finished as a kid, when I had a dirty mind like everyone else I was friends with and still am. So just read and tell me what you think. Also if you want to suggest a fanfic or short story go ahead and comment it down below and I'll make whatever you comment into a story/fanfic thing. Bye!!!


1. Help (unfinished)


Help (unfinished)

     As (Y/N) where taking a shortcut through the dark alley (you already know what a stupid choice that was) you heard a voice. You turned around to see some guy about some about 26 years old. He grabbed your shoulders.




     Hey, so comment what you think. I know my little kid mind was stupid and odd. Comment if you want me to make a short fanfic or story for me to write. I will.  

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