Greene and Springs


7. The Hallway

We were steady. We were us. In our own element.  Vincent and Laura, two lovebirds who cuddled and canoodled in the halls. We were in love. 

Several weeks later, in math class, he was hovering by my shoulder again. Rubbing my back, not letting me be. I turned and told him to stop. 

Vincent Greene stopped for a second then continued. I bit my lip and scowled the rest of class. 

In the halls, he tried to kiss me. 

I told him to fuck off. 

I wanted a break. 

This was too much. 

Later, in the hall, with my friends, after school. We were talking about it in quiet voices. 

Vincent Greene walked up and threw something at me. I gawked at him as he swaggered away. 

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