Greene and Springs


10. SnoBallShak

The school year reached its end months later. I had dated someone during spring break and then we had broken up. We had kissed and he had touched my stomach and I had been okay with it. 

I got a job that summer, at the SnoBallShak. It was a hot and sticky job. I was overworking and overwhelmed. I told the manager. 

The next week Vincent Greene stood innocently outside the Shak in a uniform. We made eye contact and I had another worker, the part-time worker, show him what to do. 

At the end of the week, when we collected our pay checks, I accidentally grabbed Vincent's. 

When I handed it back to him, our hands met. I took my check and left.

The next week, when we both had to haul ice, we were walking to our cooler behind the shak and he grabbed my arm. He looked at me. 

"I'm sorry." He said. 

"Me too." I said. 

"For what?" He said. 

I kissed him. I pressed him against the later cooler and kissed his stupidly soft lips. 

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