Greene and Springs


9. Forest

Vincent Greene was a wonderful person to kiss. 

He was a wonderful person to hug. He was so warm. 

One day, on a Saturday, we were in the woods by my house. We were walking, hand-in-hand. Vincent and Laura. We'd stop and kiss occasionally. I always grew tired of it first, my lips would ache from being chapped and he'd kiss my neck. I'd kiss his cheekbones when he got tired. 

We were walking, I strolling and he swaggering when we found a log. 

I sat and he didn't let go. He looked down at me and sat on my legs. He was heavy but not too heavy. My breath caught in my throat as he leaned in. He kissed me and his chilly hand wandered into the bottom of my shirt. He had done it before. It had been okay, his hand on my hip. 

His hand wandered up and his lips pressed on mine. His chilly fingers brushed the skin right below my beige bra. I shivered. His hand began to dig under the underwire and I turned away from his lips. He reached my neck and it took me a minute to gather my courage. I pushed him off of me. 

"No" I said. He said some rude things and walked away. Leaving me, Laura Springs out in the woods. 

I assumed we were broken up. 

My skin was still cold from where his hands were.

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