Greene and Springs


1. First Thoughts

When I first met Vincent Greene, I thought he was a prick. 

With a name like Vincent Greene how could he not be?

I had two classes with him and at first, both of them were physically painful. For one thing, he didn't walk. He swaggered. It was the swishing and the swaying of the well-sculpted hips that drove me to the brink of insanity in math class, since, he seemed to never sit down. He stood. And swaggered around, as if taking a victory lap of the classroom. As if he wanted to show off his ironic and stupid shirts. Another thing about him was that he always wore the same hat. Everyday. No matter the temperature, no matter inside or out, no matter what. It wasn't even a cute hat. It was greenish and had a few swirls that could seem off-putting in any store, yet the over confident Vincent Greene wore it every single day.  

Another thing that drove me crazy about Vincent Greene, was his cheekbones. And not in a bad way. He had really nice cheek bones. Whereas I, had little to no cheek bone-age, he had overwhelmingly beautiful cheekbones that shaped and molded his stupid face really nicely. 

But aside from the facial structure, which he had no choice in the matter on, he was horrible. 

Alright, not horrible

Just annoying. With his stupid hat and his stupid shirts and his stupid legs and his stupendous cheekbones. 

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