Greene and Springs


11. Car

He and his beautiful cheekbones, got his license a few weeks later.

"Lets go on a trip." He called me and said. 

"Where?" I asked. I could feel his smile from the other end of the phone.

He picked me up in the old Honda he had bought. I got in the car and held out my hand. He placed his license in my palm. I looked at it, at him. 

"You look cute." He told me. I looked up to him, then down at myself. Blue shorts and a white shirt that showed off my midriff. A snazzy hat and some sunglasses. 

"Thank you." I said and leaned over and kissed him. 

"Don't distract me." He said, putting the car in reverse. 

I turned on the radio. 

The melody that danced around us was perfect for the mood. 

He stopped the car. I looked around.

"I love you."

"I lo..." 

Something crashed into the car.


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