The Secret Life Of A Killer

"the death... of a beautiful woman"
There is always beauty in death, in blood.
My parents raised me to believe that death is the truth of life that we should embrace it, with so many mysteries in this world death is a certainty.

To fully embrace the concept of 'death' , the true beauty of it you must be willing take a life into your own..Might leave a few bones behind for our desires


1. My First Time

"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? " I read as i lay in the backseat  "Life and death..."

"Enough with the poetry O please..." Says my father " Are you ready? I think we've spent more than enough time? Are you nervous?"

"Fine Dad fine.." as I sigh  " Yes I am ready to do it today, I have what I need as well I can do this"

"Okay..well there she is so go on, I'll be back too pick you up tonight Kid"

I step out of the car and immediately I'm  greeted by her, as she's walking towards me an the car drives away

"Hey Ashley, what's up" i said

"Hey Johnny" she replied with a smile " How come your dad always drops you off at the edge of park don't you hate walking all way around?"

"Not really it's okay I always see you coming" I said as i give her a kiss on cheek "Hey how about we go down the hill too see the river and watch sunset"

"I don't know...woods are scary besides wo-"

"Oh come on " as i pulled on her arm "Ill protect you don't worry"

"Okay lets go..down that road but will have to watch our step it's a bit of a hike" she replied "Back when my mom didn't drink as much,she use too take me camping deep in these woods"

"Is that so, my dad use too take me hunting before we moved around it was different but fun"

We continue talking and walking deeper into the woods...finally we reached the riverside, sat along side of it and watched the sun as it went down.

"We should head back soon.." whispered Ashley as she laid her head on my chest

"The night is just getting better" I said as I placed my hand on her face an began kissing her

As the night surrounded us in darkness as we kissed...Ashley helped remove my shirt and she kisses my neck and begins going lower as she unbuttons my pants.

Ashley removes her clothes leaving nothing but her skirt on ,she lays me on the ground and gets on top...As she rides me the moans begin to slip right out of her as I grab on too her  going deeper...then

"I wasn't expecting that.." I said as i look through my pants pocket

"Yeah neither was I...sorry got carried away there can't believe how dark it got can barely see anything" she replied with a laugh

"It's okay doesn't really change anything for me though" I replied with a serious tone

As Ashley puts her clothes back on , I get the white small cloth from my pocket and the black bottle which I open and pour it on the cloth.

"Wait,what do you mean?" She asked "And what are you do-"

Before she could finished I get on top of her and held the cloth down on her face..until she passed out.

"We still have long night ahead of us..."

An hour later...

"Johnny..." she whispered

"Well well I was beginning to worry I used too much or something sorry that was my first time..." I said with a smile "Also guess I should start by saying my name isn't Johnny"

"What is this...what's going on I can't see or move , help me please ..."

Well using a thin rope I was able to tie her to a tree and blindfolded her...should be secure enough I think

"Well..I choose you" I said as I removed the blindfold from her eyes

"Please just let me go...please I won't tell anyone just let me go okay? Please Johnny " she pleaded

"My name isn't know I've been thinking about this all week and I couldn't figure out how I was gonna do it till just now"

I bend down to pull out my all black bayonet knife from my leg holster...Ashley begins to cry pleading for her life

I slowly get closer...hold the knife against her smooth thin neck

"Hmm your bleeding a bit down there you were also my first too Ashley, I won't ever forget you " I whispered "Do you wanna know why I choose you? Why this is happening too you?"

Ashley nods her head yes...

"It's because you looked so broken...your eyes carried the burden, of so much pain and suffering that I just felt attracted to you and compelled too release you of this pain, with that you may know peace" I whispered "Beautiful broken thing,you are mine"

I slowly moved the knife down pass her breast...

"And your moans...I love the way you moan" I said as I slowly put the knife through her stomach, Ashley whimpers letting out a low scream as blood falls from her lips.

"So beautiful..."

Seeing the blood fall from her lips...I put my hand around her neck and pull out my blade as more blood comes out falling from her lips too my hand. I can hear my steady heartbeat ,my hands gripping the blade tighter wanting more..

I put my blade through her stomach again...then I realized my hands were both drenched in her blood,she's bleeding out much faster than I thought but is just amazing so much blood....

I continued to use my blade on her till she passes out, afterwards I cut the rope and put her body next to the river by the time she is discovered any trace of me would of washed away down the river along with the body...I should get going dad is waiting for me but..

Not yet.

Again and again I stabbed her the ground around her body was beginning too turn red with all the blood that was coming out...I get close to her face so I can admire her more and I realized the blood from her face, some of it was beginning too dry up as if attaching itself to her skin. Blood around her lips,her jaw,her long have I been doing this now?

"Hey.." I whispered an She slowly opened her eyes "if you give me a kiss, I'll make it stop I promise you"

She lifted her arm and grabbed on to my shirt too pull me closer and kissed me I could taste the blood...As her tongue moves with mine I can taste the blood and feel her getting weaker

She's dead....

(An Hour later...)

"So... how did it go?" Asked Dad

"It was beautiful...the look in her eyes, the blood,it was poetic even" I said as I lay in the backseat with blood still on my hands "I couldn't bring myself to wash my hands not just yet"

"Still your gonna need to at this next exit we are still hours away from home can't risk us getting stop with blood on your hands " he said as he laughed "So what did you leave her with? "

"Yeah I did...I cut the shape of an O on the palm of her hand"

"Interesting...that's fine , rest up we should be home soon kid"

Both my parents are serial killers, my father is the so called "Bone Collector" the killer that decapitates his victims and cuts off their limbs and from each of his victims he takes a bone as trophy. My mother is known as the "man eater" killer that was said too seduce and kill men three times her size an weight ,also decapitates her victims after cutting out the tongues.

Then there's me As a child the subject of death fascinated me, I never killed an animal or a person before today but I would always think about it. We weren't the Manson Family or anything, mom an dad always said we need to be careful and draw the least of attention to ourselves. This is a life of secrecy and to enjoy it to its fullest we must have control.

Now as I lay here I see my found obsession with blood one which I look forward to exploring...I have little interest in names, I finally understood the beauty in the death of a beautiful girl and now all I want is too feel what I felt with Ashley again I want her more than I ever did now

Back home...

"So... how did it feel ?" Asked Mom

"It just felt so...beautiful in a horrible bloody way" I said "it's like I just discovered myself in a whole new way, I'm not afraid I just wanna embrace this feeling.. "

"Now now calm yourself, in due time there's still so much too show you and tell you hon but I'm glad it went well for you" she said "You should get ready for bed you got school tomorrow "

"I hate going there you know..."

"Yes dear, but you know we need to blend in with others so you will always have to deal with the small things of life "

"Yeah I know mom I know..."

I go too my room and head for the shower..I can still feel it the blood on my hands,and that bloody last kiss everything in my body Is calling out too her. My beautiful Ash I will always hold you close to my heart your death, your purity has given birth too a new me that aches for you even now I can't stop thinking of you...My first.

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