Secret High School Romance

17 year old Lola Wilson has a crush on, 17 year old Noah Smith in 6th form. They both fall for each other but neither of them know they like each other, but Lola can't tell him because of her Anxiety
Both of them go to a party of their friends, both of them get drunk and find each other....
What will happen next??


1. Meeting The Characters!

Lola's POV:

Hiya my name is Lola Wilson and i am aged 17. Last year i moved from my home town England to New York, i actually don't know why. I am trying to fit in to 6th form but it is really hard for me because i miss all my old friends from England. Hopefully my new friends i have met can become my best friends and help me to forget about my old friends. I have also found myself a crush, yeah yeah you might say im rushing things as i have only been in this high school under a year but that doesn't matter. I'm falling for him and i can't stop myself. The other day me and him were sat in the library studying together and he said to me "you have a really cute English accent." I started to blush badly and go bright red and i was covering myself until i calmed down. i replied back to him " you have a sexy American accent i love it " he smiled and laughed. He is so cute when he laughs when he smiles when he concentrates when he does anything at all. Once i get to know him i may mention i like him, but what if it ruins the friendship?

Lola's Anxiety ( inner voice ):

It will ruin the friendship, He hates you, he will leave you once he has you fitted in to the school and forget about you. he will leave you and move on! don't trust him, forget about him before he forgets about you. Before he breaks your heart...

Noah's POV:

Hey my name is Noah Smith, im 17 years old. My home town is New York and i still like here but not in the same house. I am in 6th form and i think it is much better then before, i used to get bullied before because i was a bit of a badass but i always wanted to be good at my education. But everyone is like how i was back then and how i am now so it's much better. I may be popular but 90% of those people aren't my real friends they just hang around with me to look cool, I probably have 10 good friends and they are the best. I think i may be falling for a girl named Lola Wilson who is in the same year as me and everything, she is super cute! i may even be falling for her, can you believe that me falling for a new girl!! i am helping her fit into my school she is like my girl best friend. We was sat in the library studying yesterday and she was saying stuff and i butted in and said " you have a really cute English accent " she started to blush really badly and go bright red she was covering her whole face until she sorted her self out but i was smiling at her because i found that cute. Then i started talking and she replied to my question " you have a sexy American accent, I love it! " i smiled and started to laugh and my cheeks started to get a bit rosy. She is so cute in every way. I just wish there was a way to tell her.

Author's Notice's:

im so sorry if this is bad, this is my first ever time writing a book. so excuse sometimes it it is bad. Hope you enjoy it tho :)

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