Secret High School Romance

17 year old Lola Wilson has a crush on, 17 year old Noah Smith in 6th form. They both fall for each other but neither of them know they like each other, but Lola can't tell him because of her Anxiety
Both of them go to a party of their friends, both of them get drunk and find each other....
What will happen next??


2. Back to school

It's back to high school again after short holiday break, it should be good this term for Lola, Noah and the rest of six form as there is one piece of course work and then the rest is just sitting in a boring class listening to Ms Miss Mrs Mr or Sir talk. Lola drags her little sister out of bed, Daisy May Wilson, Lola shouts at Daisy saying,


Daisy May Wilson is only 7 years of age, which Lola is 10 years older. Her sister never wants to go to school, she doesn't want a education and only wants to be the mayor of sleeping in bed. So Lola finally gets Daisy out of bed, she gets Daisy's things ready and drags Daisy to the car. She drops Daisy off at school, gives her a kiss good bye and speeds off to school. Lola grabs all of her things and legs it into school, she just makes it in time before the late bell. Lola walks into form...

Noah's POV:

I saw Lola walk into class with her gorgeous auburn hair, i stood up and smiled at her and she smiled back. At this point it got really awkward. I sat back down on my desk and she stood behind the chair next to me and asked 

" Is anyone sitting here " - in her gorgeous British accent.

I replied to her,

" No not at all, please sit " 

She sat next to me and i got loads of goosebumps going up my arms and my legs.

Lola'a POV:

I sat next to him and i kept smiling at him and he smiled back, as things were getting too awkward for me i thought i would talk to him. So i said,

" So how has your summer been? "

And he replied to me in his cute American accent,

" pretty boring, without being with my best bud. what about you? "

I rolled my eyes and said,

" Super boring and with my sister the worst, also missed you loadssssss! "

Author's Notice

I'm sorry if you find this short, or the worst chapter. Than i am so sorry!!! But hopefully some of you will enjoy :)

Also don't forget to like this and if you want to be up to date favourite this, thank youuu :)

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