Don't Make Enemies

Full title: DON'T Make Enemy's, They Make Great Lovers.

Valentine Deliorentuas is your ordinary loner. 3rd year of high school, no friends, gets bullied, and has a sad life at home.
Here's the twist: She fights back one time. the leader of the gang that bullies her beome's her enemy. And guess what?

They fall in love.

for the Valintines day compatition

all rights to Ivy Moonlit.


3. 3

        My aunt came up about 20 minutes later. She handed me a list and told me to start working, it was regular house chores, cooking, cleaning, and the laundry. 

         Once I was done I slid back into my room, I curled up in my closet and read my favorite book, 'Finder's Hope.'  It was probably my thousandth time reading the book but it was amazing. It's about this girl who couldn't put up with her life even though she was known around the town she lived in. She was well known because of her amazing talent for baking and decorating cakes. She earned a lot of money off of the cakes she sold. She ran away, using her money to get into a orphanage because she was to young to get a house. Later on she got a little shop with an apartment on top where she lived, the little shop was where she continued her cake decorating and making. She sold her cake and became very known. The only reason she did it, was because she believed she could do it. 


         Half way through the book I started thinking about where I would like to visit in the world, maybe Peru, or somewhere like California. Those two places have always struck me as interesting. If only I had a talent like the girl in the book, maybe I could become famous area wide, and  actually like this life. I trailed off to what I liked to do. I liked to read, Sew new clothes, play piano, and well, nothing else. I am a sort of good self taught pianist. Reading Will never be a job, I hate reading aloud. The only thing would be sewing. I thought of how I could go get some fabric, maybe I could start my own clothes shop! 

        My mind filled with ideas, I could get it mailed to some random house across the street and they might realize I got it sent to the wrong house and give it to me, or maybe I could go ditch school and go to the mall, I could get it mailed to the school and have them give it to me. I was thinking more about my second idea, ditch school and go to the mall. That was I could feel the fabric and not have the risk of it not getting to me. I decided to go tomorrow, I don't feel like getting bothered now.   










So! I'm thinking of trying something new for this book. 

I am going to not update until I finish this book, unless I get a comment like 'plz update' or something like that. Once I am done writing the story, I can publish a new chapter every week and It'll be easier on me. Comment on what you think of this new idea!  


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