"Ebb and flow" which is centred around the Charley Clays Clothing Factory during the early sixties. The story focuses on different kinds of life in North Shields at that time - There's Helen Smith the young woman who dreams of a better life for herself, she wants to live like the rich people. When she marries Thomas Lattimer who is a wealthy banker she discovers that the life that she wanted is not all it was made up to be. Jimmy Mulligan who works for Hoults the butchers, lives over the road with his parents he has been in love with Helen since they were at school together. He tells her of his love and that he will wait for her no matter how long it takes. Allan Forster has been in and out of Borstal for petty crimes he dreams of one big job that will net him enough money to live the high life - He gets involved with Paddy Leonard a notorious hardman. A power struggle takes place in North Shields for supremacy. Paddy Devlin another bouncer, come gangster is running a protection racket


83. 83

“I could double your salary and you can live rent free as long as you keep working for me.’





 “I don’t know Sid, I don’t fancy it; I’ve had many offers of work since I’ve come out here. Some Arab Sheik offered me “£200 per week to look after his son in Saudi Arabia.’

“A lot of money said Sid with a raised eyebrow.’ Why didn’t you take it?’

“Because over there you are expected to cover up all the time; “I like to show off my assets. She pointed her toes after lifting her leg up and inspecting it.

“They are certainly worth showing off, I agree on that.’

 “You think about my offer said Sid who was old enough and wise enough to know what game was being played out here.’

Angela was a pretty and an intelligent girl alright; however the world was full of beautiful women and Sid wasn’t happy with just one at the moment.

Sid got up from his lounger and headed for the shower. Angela didn’t follow him inside; instead she stayed out on the lounger sulking. She too could wait; there were plenty of rich men in Gran Canaria and she was still young.

 When Sid had showered he came out to the pool wearing a white suit, sky blue shirt, and a navy blue tie and black shoes. A white panama hat with a navy band sat lightly on his head and he was still wearing his Polaroid sun glasses with sliver frames. “I will see you later then Angela.’

“Maybe; I may be meeting Susan Doherty tonight.’

“Oh and where are you planning on going?’

“There’s a party in town it’s Graeme Smiths birthday I said I would go.’

“I see he said nonchalantly, Enjoy yourself then, bye for now.’

Sid walked out of the apartment to the silver Mercedes convertible that he’d hired and drove to the ferry terminal that would take him to Porta Morgan. The sea breeze was so refreshing; he passed many tourists all making their way to the beaches with children or with their girlfriends. The lads were wearing Bermuda shorts and the girls bikinis covered with a sarong and flip flops on their feet.

He parked the car at the ferry terminal then stepped on board and took his seat.

The journey would take him about twenty minutes. He was meeting Dennis Lord another wealthy business man who had lived in Gran Canaria for over ten years in the Restaurante Olivia in the marina.

Some bottled nosed dolphins breeched then followed the boat into the harbour as the tourist took the obligatory photos for their albums to show friends on their return home.

Dennis was waiting for him when he got there and the two men shook hands. Sid had done business with Dennis before so he knew what he was getting into.

Dennis Lord was younger than Sid; he had a mop of Black shoulder length hair that gave him an almost Spanish look.

Actually, Dennis came from a Jewish background and it was only his nose that gave him away. He had brown eyes that looked kind enough but he was a very powerful influential man and had a lot of friends. The two men ordered lunch and a bottle of wine and began to chat.’

Dennis was wearing an open necked blue colourful short sleeved shirt, white trousers, and some open toed brown sandals.

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