"Ebb and flow" which is centred around the Charley Clays Clothing Factory during the early sixties. The story focuses on different kinds of life in North Shields at that time - There's Helen Smith the young woman who dreams of a better life for herself, she wants to live like the rich people. When she marries Thomas Lattimer who is a wealthy banker she discovers that the life that she wanted is not all it was made up to be. Jimmy Mulligan who works for Hoults the butchers, lives over the road with his parents he has been in love with Helen since they were at school together. He tells her of his love and that he will wait for her no matter how long it takes. Allan Forster has been in and out of Borstal for petty crimes he dreams of one big job that will net him enough money to live the high life - He gets involved with Paddy Leonard a notorious hardman. A power struggle takes place in North Shields for supremacy. Paddy Devlin another bouncer, come gangster is running a protection racket


82. 82

“Aye, alright Edith see you in the club; good night.’

“See you Dave, see you Edith said John as the couple walked down past the club then over the road past the Redburn.


The sun was always hot in Gran Canaria as Sid was being rubbed down with sun oil on a sun lounger by a lovely blonde that he’d picked up in the Europa night club a few nights before. Sid never had any bother picking up woman who were drawn to his charm and of course his money. Angela Minty was twenty four years old she worked as a travel rep and had been out in Grand Canaria for three years she was well tanned fit with all the walking she did during the day and dancing at night. Angela the five feet ten inches tall blonde with a figure to die for liked to let her hair down when she was out with her friend Susan Doherty. Susan was the five feet two quiet spoken girl from Whitley Bay who had come out just over a year ago and latched onto Angela. Angela wanted the good life, expensive clothes, jewellery, and fast cars. She liked to be seen with high rollers and didn’t care how old they were. Sid McCullough was twelve years older.

“Would you like a drink Sid she asked as she walked barefoot around the swimming pool topless and just wearing the skimpiest pair of yellow bikini briefs. her hips moved from side to side and she looked like some African Leopard stalking its prey as she went to the bar counter that Sid had made especially. She poured two drinks. Placed cubes of ice in the tumblers then walked back to where Sid was lying.

“She knew that Sid was watching her through his sun glasses as her breasts bounced as she walked. She had already spent the night in his bed but she wanted a lot more than just sex. “She had to play this just right if she was to scoop the bigger prize.’

She handed Sid the drink then lay down beside him and stretched out her long tanned legs so he could see. Sid sat up, she now had his full attention, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.’

“What would you like to do today; “I would like to go somewhere and feel the breeze in my hair.’ “I’ve heard that there’s a nudist beach a few miles from here.’ We could go skinny dipping. “Would you like that she said sexily. She lifted her sun glasses from her eyes and placed them through her hair. Her green eyes gazed at him for a moment before she flashed him a smile. Angela ran the tip of her tongue over her teeth which were near perfect in fact she was perfect in every way. She was very experienced in the bedroom and had fulfilled his every expectation. “I would love to honey but I have some business to take care of.’ ”Order yourself a cab and go down there yourself if you wish I will be back around five.’

“Oh do you have to sugar, “I was hoping to spend the afternoon with you.’

“Sorry I’ve got to meet this chap about some apartments out here.’

“Are you going to buy them?’

“If the price is right yes, now if you play your cards right I will put you up in one.’ “You could manage them and let out the others out to some rich clients of mine.

“Would that be something that would interest you?’

“So you would you pay me?’

“Well what do you earn now?’

“I earn about £40.00 per week with tips.’

“You have to pay them rent though to stay in the hotel don’t you?’

“Yes, she said knowing that he’d already checked.

Angela wasn’t happy with the suggestion, she picked up the bottle of tanning oil and began to reapply some on her legs.

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