"Ebb and flow" which is centred around the Charley Clays Clothing Factory during the early sixties. The story focuses on different kinds of life in North Shields at that time - There's Helen Smith the young woman who dreams of a better life for herself, she wants to live like the rich people. When she marries Thomas Lattimer who is a wealthy banker she discovers that the life that she wanted is not all it was made up to be. Jimmy Mulligan who works for Hoults the butchers, lives over the road with his parents he has been in love with Helen since they were at school together. He tells her of his love and that he will wait for her no matter how long it takes. Allan Forster has been in and out of Borstal for petty crimes he dreams of one big job that will net him enough money to live the high life - He gets involved with Paddy Leonard a notorious hardman. A power struggle takes place in North Shields for supremacy. Paddy Devlin another bouncer, come gangster is running a protection racket


113. 113

Once at the end of the runway the plane turned then waited for clearance from the tower. The Captain welcomed the passengers on board flight 975 and told the cabin crew to prepare for take off.

 The girls calmly fastened themselves in then the thrusters sounded before the plane began to pick up speed. For half a mile the plane went hurtling down the runway going faster and faster until there was almost a lightness as the aircraft left the ground it circled the airport before climbing high into the sky.

The landing gear was automatically put away as the clouds went rolling past them.

Denise opened her eyes and looked out to see the soft cotton budlike clouds. She had kept her eyes closed while the plane was taking off. Now she and her husband relaxed and within twenty minutes had completely forgotten that they were flying at 30.000 feet in the air. The air hostess came around serving tea then gave out freebies from the BOAC. The two hour flight was very smooth and the plane touched down safely. They waited until their luggage was taken and then placed on board the BOAC 707-436 jumbo Jet which would fly to Singapore where it would refuel then fly on to Sydney Australia. The plane sat on the tarmac for almost three quarters of an hour before two buses were sent to pick up 309 passengers. Allan led his mother up the stairs to board the Jumbo Jet. Kate had taken the flight to Heathrow in her stride and was looking forward to this one too.

When the plane eventually took off both Allan and Steven relaxed. They now had to find somewhere to live in Australia.



 The factory girls returned to work on the Monday morning full of chat about their trip to Blackpool. Not all the girls had gone because either they had children to look after or that their husbands wouldn’t let them go on their own.

“Mr Amos went on about the beer that someone had stolen from under his seat.

“Stop your whinging over a couple of bottles of beer will yer. That’s all we’ve heard all mornin’

“It would be a darn sight different if it were your beer that had been taken.’

The girls totally ignored him and went on to discuss the fight in the street between Harry Kelso and Bob Harris.

“Norma Jenkins went on to tell the story how Harry Kelso had been going around to Elsie Harris’s house whilst her husband Bob was on nightshift at the Commercial Plastics Factory.’

“Well he wouldn’t have been caught yet but Bob got a bad case of the trots after eating some liver and onions and had to go home. He opened the door quietly and had to go to the toilet again and it was whilst he was having a dump that he heard this oohing and aahing coming from the bedroom.’

He got off the toilet thinking his wife was you know, feeling sexy and that so he tried to give her a surprise. He stripped off and crept into the bedroom naked. Well there was Elsie naked as a jay bird on top of Harry Kelso giving him six nothing and crying out in a fit of passion.

Bob threw his wife across the room and dragged Harry outside. The two of them were fighting naked in the street when Bob got cramp in his guts and shit himself.’  

The girls all burst out laughing.’ Before asking Norma Jenkins what happened next.’

“Harry Kelso made a hasty retreat to his house; his wife Helen had seen him fighting naked in the street from her bedroom window. She came out and battered him thinking that her husband was having a fling with Bob Harris. 

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