complicated relationship

13 year old chairida adams falls in love with two boys in her school but is confused on who is the better choice jackson or liam. Liam the bad boy or jackson the rich smart boy


4. The night after

Macy and kelly invited me over for a girls night we were gonna go to mall and go out to eat.  I curled my hair did my make up  threw on a tank top and jeans plus a knitted pullover with a grey beanie.  When  i got there  we drove to the mall . I can't Beleive what i saw Liam was making out with another girl OMG  i just shrugged it off.  Then we just had a good night   i saw Jackson with what looked to be his mom.  He waved me over to him   and said well hello  Chairida  hi jackson he grabbed me and hugged me  . " This is my mother Cordelia hi its nice to meet you darling she" ,said.  This is kelly  and macy i said .   That's nice so what were you plans tonight. Just to walk arounf the mall but when i saw liam locking lips with another girl i lost it.  Thats horrible because i was going to ask you out on a date tonight would you like to go to  great steak an potato he said  sure.  When we sat down to eat liam walk up and grabbed my shoulder  " come on lets go somewhere "   he pulled me out of the table  " excuse me " jackson said . " were on a date here  "  I dont care liam said and threw a punch .      





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