complicated relationship

13 year old chairida adams falls in love with two boys in her school but is confused on who is the better choice jackson or liam. Liam the bad boy or jackson the rich smart boy


3. the big dance

So the dance tonight from 6:30 - 10:00 . " I don't have anyone to go with plus the poster  says  dress up ok ill make do with what i have".  I threw on a bright red dress that went to under my knee's   curled my hair and put on make up with black heel's.   When I went there I  hung out with my friend's  Macy and kelly.  I saw a cute boy named Jackson  .  I saw Liam across the room in the corner with dark sunglasses and a grey beanie.

I walked over to him and asked him if he was with anyone  he  , said  no. " what do you want" said,liam.   Do you wanna dance with me .  "sure"  ok.    The song   paradise came on and we took the floor it was magical .  when the dance was over he walked me to my car and said  i had a really great time  with you tonight  i did to i said .  And then he kissed me i was blushing a lot.

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