complicated relationship

13 year old chairida adams falls in love with two boys in her school but is confused on who is the better choice jackson or liam. Liam the bad boy or jackson the rich smart boy


2. school has begun

My first day brian county highschool  and i was already lost  great i thought  whats it gonna be like the rest of the year .   Out of the corner a girl walked and said HI IM  MACY LORRAINE JONES ." Hi im   Charida Grace Adams it nice to meet you i", said wryly.   "Theres the bell she", said yep as i walked in to first hour i sat down in the back of the classroom.  All of the sudden this cute  boy with dirty blonde hair walked and sat next to me. My heart was beating so loud .  When the teacher took attendence i was the first person  CHAIRIDA ADAMS.  Here  LIAM  COLTER here   so his name was Liam  Colter huh.

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