complicated relationship

13 year old chairida adams falls in love with two boys in her school but is confused on who is the better choice jackson or liam. Liam the bad boy or jackson the rich smart boy


7. Home coming

Every one is so pumped for homecoming i couldn´t believe i was a cheerleader playing for and opening game.  Im not going with anyone to the dance after because , no one has asked me yet . Not because Im lonely or sad i don know who to go with. I have to go to math class i sit in the middle of the room and Liam sits in the back . I walked into class and liam was dressed like a jock .  It was shocking  I have never seen him dress like this before.  he waved me over to him i was really shocked you dressed like this , i said. Well you have to dress like this to get a girls attention. What are you doing after the game . Nothing your not going to the dance with Jackson Nope  . Will you go with me  No thanks i said .  Im going with josh don go with him he is a perv he only likes you because your hot oh well

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