Stay Alive

There is a Slasher/Killer running around the town everyone is freaked out except Jenny she wants to find out whats going on and whats happening. Will she find out who the killer/slasher is or will she die with the rest of the other find out more..!


3. The Gang

Ashley and Jenny ran back home where it's safe and sound. Jenny sat on the couched and sighed "okay" she said out of breath, "never go to the movies when there is a killer wondering the streets" "noted" Ashley said gasping for air.  Then

Ashley grabbed her phone out she got a text message from a group of people

"hey jenny i got a message" said Ashley

"who is it from" said Jenny

"its from a group chat do you want me to read you what they said" said Ashley "yuss" replied Jenny ,Ashley, sat down next to Jenny on the sofa, Jenny scooted closer to get a better look "they said "Hey have you guys heard about the killer wondering the streets if so we should catch him and find out who he is before anything bad happens" we should Jenny" Ashley said with a brave voice Jenny looked at the phone then back at Ashley she blinked "okay Ashley this is what i wan't you to do send them a message saying "meet us at Jenny's house if you guys know where it is good if you don't i'll send you guys her address" got that ashley" said Jenny "yup" Ashley said with a thumbs up then started typing "they 

should be coming here in a bit" Ashley said with a happy smile Jenny nodded back 


2 hours later

The doorbell rung and then the door swung right open "well that;s one way you can come into someone's house" said Jenny "sorry" said a guy with a beanie hat on "so you guys came late but eh i don't care" Jenny said while playing with her fingers "okay um i thought about maybe starting a Gang" said a girl with brown hair and had a flannel shirt on"a gang?" said Jenny, "what do you mean?!" "like start a gang abut finding the killer we all know its none of us" said the flannel girl  "we should actually that's a great idea i have a lab downstairs we could use that" said Jenny "perfect! and how rude of me i didn't even say my name it's Cassie" said Cassie "well what a lovely name my name is Jenny"  "what

a lovely you got their too" said Cassie 

"ok guys we are making a gang to keep over everything" said Jenny as Jenny, Ashley, and Cassie come up with a plan they knew things were getting better.

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