Stay Alive

There is a Slasher/Killer running around the town everyone is freaked out except Jenny she wants to find out whats going on and whats happening. Will she find out who the killer/slasher is or will she die with the rest of the other find out more..!


2. Movie Time


                                   Jenny and Ashley finish on working on the lab "so now what" said Ashley "DON'T PLAY DUMB" said Jenny, "lets go to the Movies" "YAY MOVIE TIME" said Ashley.  They both went upstairs grabbed their coats, and shoes "HEY MOM" said Jenny, "we're heading out" "um where do you think you're going young Missy" said her mom "fine we are going to the movies, mom just please let us go we will be fine i promise" "alright" said her mom, "but please be careful" 'WE WILL PROMISE" said jenny then they both bailed out of the house.

                                                                                                           * * *

                                   They got their and waited in the line "dang why is this line so long" said Ashley "i don't know i can't tell the future" said jenny they both laughed together "ah" said Ashley whipping the tear off her eye "NEXT" said the guy in the front who gets tickets "that's us" said Jenny they both went up to the ticket booth or whatever cx and went inside the movie theater 'HEY FRONT ROW SEATS" said Ashley "yup best seat in the house" replied jenny.  After watching the movie "wow that movie sucked" said Ashley "yes indeed it was" said jenny . They went to the place to get food and popcorn "hey i'm so happy we saw a movie though" said Ashley "yeah same but next time lets pick a better movie to watch" said Jenny "YEAH AND MAYBE KEVIN HEART COULD BE IN IT" said Ashley "YASS" replied Jenny "clink ding clink" the sound of a door being hit by something "WHOA WHAT WAS THAT" said Ashley "i don't know lets check it out" said Jenny, "hide behind a wall" they went to a wall and peaked their heads out their was a guy with an old rusty sack and looked really heavy and it had 2 holes cut out for them to see the person had a machete "OH MY GOD" said Ashley Jenny quickly covered her mouth the killer looked through the glass door and then left "THERE IS A REAL KILLER" said Ashley "yes and we will track him down and found out who he really is" said Jenny 


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