Stay Alive

There is a Slasher/Killer running around the town everyone is freaked out except Jenny she wants to find out whats going on and whats happening. Will she find out who the killer/slasher is or will she die with the rest of the other find out more..!


1. The Killer

                         One day Jenny was walking home from school then her friend named Ashley came out "SO HEADING TO YOUR HOUSE AGAIN" said she  Ashley has beautiful wavy dark hair so does Jenny "well lets go!"said Ashley.  After the walk they went to the Tv instead of doing their homework "change it to channel 803" said Ashley and Jenny did "Breaking News this is coming from you live in Axle Street bodies found in the kitchen no one knows who or what happened to the loved one's but we think there is a killer on the loose everyone be safe and lock your doors school will be closed until the killer has fled thank you" said the girl on the Tv "well that's that" said Ashley "hmmm i wonder who the killer might be we better start tracking this guy down" said Jenny "W-WAIT I'm scared" said Ashley "don't be you have me and other people to contact i'm sure you'll be fine" said jenny "alright let's do this" said Ashley Follow me to the basement so we can change it to a lab "ALRIGHT LET'S DO THIS" Jenny said

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