All I've Got || A Broadway Newsies Fanfiction

"He's all I've got. I don't know what I'd do without him." The Delancey brothers never asked for help from anyone. (Runner up in the "Carve the Mark" Competition. Newsies belongs to Disney. Cover created by slytherinprincess16.)


9. Stay

"We can't just do nothin'! Oscar 'n Morris ain't gonna get any betta if they's afraid of getting jumped!" Racetrack hissed in reply to a rather scathing comment from Crutchie. Said younger boy glared at his superior, gripping his crutch tightly and shaking his head in disbelief at his friend's ignorant actions. Did Race forget who they were? What they had done? For years?

"Who cares? Morris can get beaten and raped for all I care," Crutchie said indifferently, making Specs and Race cry out in rage and Jack look at his friend with wide eyes. Crutchie looked down at his feet, a bitter smile spreading across his face as his gaze rested on his bad leg. After getting it beaten by Oscar, Morris, and Snyder while he was in the refuge, his bad leg days became his good leg days, and when he had bad days he could barely walk, but refused to be carried.

"Still, if you'se is wantin' to beat up three grown men be my guest! Don't come cryin' to me when they whip your hides and you's is half dead!" Crutchie scoffed, his tone coming out harsher than he meant for it too. Crutchie cast his eyes down in shame as Jack glared at him so ferociously he burned holes right through his soul. Specs put a hand on my shoulder and pushed Jack away slightly.

"Stop it, Jack. Crutchie's got a reason to be mad. We're basically helping the enemy," Specs pointed out quietly, and Jack's eyes softened and he nodded. "Yeah... Yeah, ya got a point. If ya don't want to do nothin' Crutchie you don't hafta, but we's is gonna take down those jerks. Oscar and Morris are kids like us, even if we hate 'em, and they's newsies, even if they work for Weisel and Snyda, and newsies stick togetha. They'll live here as long as they need, and we'll help take down the men," Jack said firmly, and Crutchie found himself nodding in agreement.

"Good point," Crutchie whispered, blinking as he felt involuntary tears gathering in his eyes. He rubbed his gimp leg to distract himself, focusing on the slight soothing sensation. Racetrack still looked unconvinced that Crutchie was on board, but he said nothing, turning away to go into Oscar and Morris' room. The two brothers were sitting side by side, Morris wrapping an arm around Oscar and whispering to him as he trembled. The two boys looked up with defeated eyes as Race entered.

"Well, I's got good news 'n bad news," Race said, and he watched the little bit of hope dim from the brothers' eyes. "Bad news is, Crutchie ain't entirely on board, he still hates ya, and so do most of the boys here," Race began. Oscar buried his head in his hands an Morris pulled him closer, grimacing.

"And the good news is?" Morris asked hoarsely, thinking that there really wasn't any for them. Race grinned widely and laughed. "You's can stay! Jack said we could help ya out since you's technically newsies, and we's gonna make sure the men that hurt'cha don't come near ya ever again!" Race felt a lump form in his throat as Morris threw his arms around Oscar's shoulder, grinning like a mad man as Oscar laughed, hugged him back, and fought back tears.

"Th-Thank you! God, I was scared you was goin' to leave us on the streets," Oscar stammered with a relieved smile. Race nodded and gave him a watery grin, swallowing hard and clasping his hands together, completely at a loss for words. Oscar continued nervously, "I mean, ya don't really got a reason to let us stay, but it's real nice and all. We wasn't expectin' it, that's fo sure." Morris laughed nervously and rubbed Oscar's back as a sign to tell him to shut up.

"We won't be a burden or nothin'. Specs says I'm probably well enough to sell papes again, so I's startin' tomorrow," Morris said confidently. Race considered the boy with a concerned gaze, noting how he was still hunched with pain, pale, and clearly not in good condition. Specs was just as blind with his glasses on as he was without them. But Race found himself giving the Delanceys a nod and a watery smile before quickly leaving the room. He had a bone to pick with a certain bespectacled boy.

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