My new English teacher

This is a story about a girl who soon finds out that she is a lesbian. To top that off she falls for her English teacher.... and her new best friend has fallen for her.... A little love triangle... what will happen... Who will she choose?

The story Has three points of views which changes every few chapters. I hope I won't make it too confusing....

Avery- Which is the new found lesbian
Lily- The new Best friend
Cassandra- The English Teacher


2. The Truth

The next morning I headed to get Lily. I realized last night while thinking about everything that I am a lesbian. Growing up it was the same thing from my parents we went to church they all taught me that love was supposed to be between one girl and one man. Honestly I think love is between whoever you fall in love with. It shouldn't matter gender. So i'm kind of scared to tell my parents that i'm gay. How will they react? Will they still love me? Will they except it? It's kind of nerve wracking.

I have a plan to find out if Miss Williams is into girls or not. Tutoring after school seems like the best option in my opinion.

A got to Lily's house and she was waiting outside for me. She got into the car and said good morning. After that the car was kind of quite the whole way to school. Its about a twenty minute drive so you could have guessed how awkward it was for me. I could literally hear her breathing it was that quite.

We finally got to the school and Lily got out.

"Thanks for the ride, see you at lunch"

"You're welcome and yes."

She smiled then walked away. I got out of my car and headed into the school to go to class. 

Miss Williams was in the class before anyone else so I took this opportunity to ask her. 

"Good morning Miss Williams"

"Oh good morning Avery"

"I was wondering if there was anyway that you could like tutor me after school. I don't quite fully understand the assignment. I mean I do but i need advice and stuff."

She said of course  and that she'll meet me after school and we could work. The day flew by so fast i forgot that Lily needed a ride. So I ran out the doors to give her my keys. I told her that she can drive home and pick me up after I was done. That i would text her when to head this way. She kind of looked upset like she had something on her mind. I asked if she was fine and she kind of avoided the question. 

So I got back into the class room and she was sitting there with a chair in front of one of the front desks. Her legs crossed. She was wearing a skirt right above the knees. So you could see her legs. They looked smooth and perfect. Her hair was parted but she had one side going onto the other. She wasn't wearing glasses. But I had to admit that when she wear them she looks FINE. 

"So Avery exactly what is you idea for the story"

I was staring at her. I bet she felt weird or something.

"Well the only thing I can think of is my mom"

"How has she changed you life"

"Well... she cheated on my dad with her boss. She left my dad for him too. So now we are living here. Which i'm slowly realizing that it might not be so bad after all. I mean I miss my dad a lot but i'm starting to learn more about myself"

"So your mom cheating has brought a good and bad impact into your life yes?"

"Yeah I suppose so"

"So you can explain that she cheated and how it effected your life badly because it broke up your family. Now whats the things you are learning about yourself?"

I got a little nervous and froze for a moment then spoke

'Well recently.... I realized that i'm gay"

"Oh and how did that come from you guys moving here."

I got even more nervous and I could feel my hands starting to sweat. 

"There's a girl here that I like and that I want to try and be with. I just find girl attractive. I can't picture myself with a guy. I didn't ever have these thoughts until we moved here."

"Well, I am happy that you have figured out who you're. So you got to start with a catch get the readers wanting more. Then you take the first issue or idea, as you start with the bad then the good. Write sentences on how they are bad and good. Then you should be good"

I felt so dumb, I mean I knew that, that's what I needed to do but, I still felt as if she thought I was dumb which made me feel it too. 

"Thank you, so where did you go to school?"

Trying to make small talk so i can work the way up to the question. My nerves are so high right now.

"I went to The University Of Colorado. I went right after high school for four years."

"Wow, your boyfriend must be very happy to have such a smart  girlfriend."

She didn't seem like she really agreed with me. The look on her face told me something just wasn't right. She didn't talk for a moment them she began to say something.

"Yeah,you would think right."

What was that supposed to mean. Is she trying to talk to me? Or is it just one of those thing where you say it and you move right along with something else?

"Miss Willia..."

"Please just call me Cassandra. Maybe not in school because that's 'disrespectful' but when we're tutoring you can."

Wow I wondered what her name was. I would have never thought it was Cassandra. It fits her so well. 

"Okay, Cassandra what did you mean by 'you would think so' I mean if you don't mind me asking."

"Oh, yeah.... um well you see my boyfriend isn't the best. I mean in the beginning he was great. Bought me flowers and brought them to my school for me. He'd make dinner and just be so romantic. Now he drinks a lot more. He doesn't abuse me physically but mentally. He calls me these names and he tells me i'm going to fail at everything I try."

I saw shocked I just stared at her. Who would put some amazing girl like her down like that. I would never in a million years dream of telling her those things. 

"Cassandra if you ask me i say leave him. Why have you stayed. Having that negativity in your life only bring negativity and nobody can live with just negativity. If you want a good future you have to move on from the past and seek a new beginning."

She looked like she was thinking. I hope i didn't upset her. I was just trying to help. I would love her to leave him. But i want her to leave him because she doesn't love him or because she isn't happy. Not because I want her to or say something to make her think she needs too. I just want her to be happy.

"I stay because if i leave what will he have left. He could go into a depressed stage and just drink his life away. If i stay i could eventually help him."

I didn't agree with her. I felt bad for not agreeing but i didn't.

"But is it worth getting hurt mentally in the meantime. You can just sit there waiting for a miracle you have to go looking for it. There could be someone out there for you. Someone who is your forever home and will treat you like he did in the beginning but better."

"You make a point but i'm just not sure what I want to do. I know i'm not happy... but we've been together for 3 years. That's not something you can just give up on"

I told her that she was right but she has to start putting herself first. Then after a hour of just talking we called it a day. 

Lily picked me up and we went to the park and hung out for a while. She told me more about her growing up and why she moved so far away from her home town without a second thought. She said the reason she moved here is because her mom got married and things kind of went down hill from there. Her moms husband had raped her while her mom was at work and tried killing her multiple times. Her mother didn't believe her when she tried telling. Her mom was always high on something. She never met her real dad but she says that she wants to find him one day. All she knows is that his name is Bryan and that's all. She doesn't know if she has any sisters or brothers. It's kind of sad to think that she had to go through all of that. 

I tried to give her the best advice I could. I told her that life throws things in our way some worse than others but those are the things that we have to overcome to move forward with our lives. I thought for a moment after I said that. Should I forgive my mom? I told Miss Williams that she should leave her boyfriend if she didn't love him anymore. Maybe my mom just didn't love my dad anymore. 



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