My new English teacher

This is a story about a girl who soon finds out that she is a lesbian. To top that off she falls for her English teacher.... and her new best friend has fallen for her.... A little love triangle... what will happen... Who will she choose?

The story Has three points of views which changes every few chapters. I hope I won't make it too confusing....

Avery- Which is the new found lesbian
Lily- The new Best friend
Cassandra- The English Teacher


1. my first day

I woke up this morning hoping it was all a nightmare, but unfortunately my mom did cheat on my dad with her boss Frank.

Once, my dad gave her a choice between the two of them and she picked Frank. Why would you give up twenty years of marriage for a homewrecking loser.

I was getting ready for school. It's my first day and now I have to make new friends, which is never easy for me. 

I put my hair up into a messy bun, did my makeup while trying not to look like I'm trying too hard. Even though I am. I want people to like me, as would anyone. I put on one of my light pairs of jeans and a pink sleeveless shirt with lace half way down my back. I walked down the stairs hoping that they wouldn't be up, but of course they were. 

"Do you wanna sit and have breakfast with us?"

I looked at her while reaching for a banana and walked out of the kitchen. I was searching for my keys when I had overheard my mom tell Frank that she doesn't think I will ever forgive her. She's probably right. What she did isn't something you get over in a day. Our life was good. She just had to ruin everything. 

I ignored it and drove myself to school. I just sat there in my car when I got to the school. I was stunned to see that the school was as big as it was. I'm not really used to big schools, so this was a big change. 

Yeah it sucks moving schools almost in the middle of your senior year. I wanted to stay with my mom but my dad couldn't keep me there, because they both agreed on one thing, and that was that I didn't need to be alone at a time like this. 

You see, my dad's job always has him traveling and they didn't want me to be alone. So, my dad agreed to have me live with the monster who ruined our lives. 

I walked into my first hour, which was English. This year I had to take two English classes, because I lost my English credit last year. I got into it with the wrong crowd. The teacher wasn't in there when I walked in, so I just stood in the front of the class. I didn't want to sit somewhere that I wasn't supposed to on accident.  Everyone stared at me like I was some new, unknown creature. The door shut behind me and made a loud sound, which caused me to jump a little. 

When I turned around, there she was. Standing there. She was very tan but not too tan, had black hair that was tied back, a smile like you wouldn't believe, and her perfume was flowing off her and got better as she got closer. I couldn't help but stare at her lips. She was wearing red lipstick which made her lips look twice their size. 

"Hello, I'm Miss Williams, and you are?"

"uh...." I just stood there looking at her, dumbfounded. I knew I must have looked really dumb, but the words wouldn't form.

 "My name is Avery" I smiled so she wouldn't see that I was nervous. We made eye contact for a split second. It gave me butterflies and made my heart beat faster. 

"Okay Avery, it's very nice to meet you. You can have a seat anywhere you'd like that is open."

I looked around and there were a couple of seats open in the front and the middle and off to the side. But I decided to take the last seat open in the back. 

I sat there that hour and thought to myself. I've never actually felt like this toward a girl before. I never would have thought it was possible. What does it mean, if it means anything at all. Am I attracted to girls or, well, women in this case?

I spent all hour sitting there looking at her, watching her. Listening to the way she talks. Watching her mouth move with the words that come out.

"Okay class, before we go, let's talk about your assignment for the week. I want you guys to write about an event that has happened that changed your life forever. This will help us with your personal statements in a of couple weeks. It will show me exactly what we have to cover in order for them to be good."

The bell rang and everyone got up and left the room. I, on the other hand, stood there outside the door looking at my schedule and Miss WIlliams walked up and asked if I needed help. I was relieved that it was her. I looked at her and my heart started to beat faster.

"Oh, I could really use the help."

She smiled and took the paper out of my hand. 

"Okay, let's see. You have Mr. Jones."

She let out a soft laugh and then we started off for Mr. Jones's class. 

"So, heads up on Mr. Jones, If you get to pick where you sit, try and get the back if you can. He spits when he talks. "

She started to laugh. It was very cute. Kind of high pitched with a couple snorts. But it wasn't like the annoying kind of laugh. It was adorable. 

I told her thanks and walked into the room where Mr. Jones was getting ready and told me to pick any seat I wanted and got ready to take notes. I took Miss Williams's advice and sat in the back of the room. I know it's wrong to be feeling whatever I'm feeling toward her. Nothing could happen, because if something were to happen, we could get into trouble. Well, more her than me. I'll be eighteen and graduated soon, so that shouldn't matter, right?

I sat there listening to him talk about triangles and other boring stuff. I did take the notes, but it all went in one ear and out the other. Before I knew it class was over and I was still sitting there daydreaming.

I found my way around the school pretty well after that. It took me a few wrong turns, but I got used to it. By 12:30 it was lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria and didn't know where to sit, so I bought a sandwich, some chips, and a bottle of water, and went and ate in my car, when some girl came knocking on my window. 

"Hey, you just gonna sit out here alone?"

I looked at her and rolled my window down.

"I'm new here and have nobody to actually eat with."

She laughed and walked to the other side of my car and got in. I was surprised because I didn't invite her to.

"Hi, my name is Lily with a y."

"Is there any other way to spell it?" I felt confused, but giggled a little.

"No, not really. I just thought if I started introducing myself that way, people would think I'm more interesting. Just something silly."

We both laughed. 

"Well, Lily with a 'y'. My name is Avery, and guess what."


"It's Avery with a y."

We both started laughing. She asked me where I moved from and I told her that my mom and I moved here from Denver, Colorado, which wasn't very far from Colorado Springs. It's just about an hour drive.

She told me about her first day here in Junior high. She told me her parents kicked her out because she was gay and they didn't believe in the whole "girl on girl" or "guy on guy" thing. They believed in the traditional 'man and woman'. 

"After they kicked me out, I moved here to live with my girlfriend. Soon to find out, she was in a relationship with a girl for one year out of our 3 years of being together. So, I decided to take a break until I graduated high school."

The bell rang for us to go back to class and she asked what class I had next.  I told her I had gym. She was kind of sad that we didn't have any classes together, except for our last hour, which was my second english class. It's right after gym class.

"Well, I'll see you next hour." Lily said as we both climbed out of the car and headed to our separate classes.

 I found my way to the gym. I mean, I had no other person to show me, and Lily's class was on the other side of the school. So, if by the time she showed me to my class, she would have been late to hers. I didn't want to put her through any trouble. I put on my gym clothes and stretched a little before class started. All we did was exercise and ran a mile, which was kind of easy for me considering I ran track since I was in 7th grade. I always loved doing sports. Track and running was my way of relieving stress. It helped me get stuff off my mind when I ran. It's not as bad as what most people make it out to be. 

Finally, the class was over. It wasn't that I didn't want to be in that class,  I just wanted to see Miss Williams and I wanted to at least be in a class with one person that I knew. 

I dressed back into my casual clothes and headed for Miss Williams. Lily walked up next to me.

"Hey! Long time, no see!"

I looked at her and laughed.

"Oh my, we were apart for just one hour, how ever will you survive?"

She laughed as we entered Miss Williams's room and made our way to the back of the classroom. Lily wanted me to sit with her, but there was already a boy sitting there. Lily asked him if he'd mind getting up for her friend, which is me.

 He looked behind her at me. He thought for a moment and decided to get up. I felt bad, but I wasn't the one who made him get up. It was his choice. Lily and I sat there talking as we waited for Miss Williams to walk in, and once she did, all my attention was on her. She had let her hair down and it flowed just to the middle of her back. She gave all the students their tests that they were expecting, except for me because I wasn't here for any of their previous lessons. She sat at her desk waiting for everyone to finish up their tests. Miss Williams had the end of her pen in her mouth, biting it while she graded papers. God, she was so attractive. I really hope she is into girls, because if not, then I really don't want to be feeling this way about her. So, how am I supposed to find out? It's not like I  can just walk up to her and say "Hey, do you happen to be attracted to other women by any chance?"

If she's not, then that would be really awkward. I just need to know, so I can figure out how to handle this.

I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to do some thinking myself. I can't find out until I know if I'm gay or not. I don't know how to tell. I've only wanted to be friends with girls. I mean, I could be bi, but I've never dated or found guys attractive. So, I'm kind of stuck in the middle on these things.

There is only one person I can think of that can help me. Lily. 

"Helloooo, Earth to Avery."

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking to myself."

"Well, class is over. Want to get out of here?"

I nodded and we headed outside to the parking lot.

As Lily waved me a goodbye, she said, "Well, I'll see you later," and headed in the opposite direction.

I was wondering where Lily was going she started walking the other direction away from the cars.

"Lily! Where you going?"

She stopped and turned,  "I have to catch the bus because I don't have a car. All my money goes on bills and food."

"If you'd like, I could drive you home today. Actually, I could even pick you up and drive you to school so that you won't to bother catching the bus every morning."

"But I won't be able to pay you for the gas, and I don't want you to waste gas on you having to pick me up and dropping me off everyday at school. I have to save all my money for bills and food, so I think I'll just stick with taking the bus. I don't want to burden you..."

"Okay stop there," I cut her off, "My mom has been giving me a hundred dollars a week, trying to make up with me ever since I found out she was cheating on my dad. As if she could buy her way back onto my good side. So I'll have plenty of money for gas. It's really not a big deal. I have a few things to talk to you about anyways."

She looked at me for a moment and agreed to carpool with me. We walked to my car and left. She told me that she just needed to go home and then we could hang out afterward. 

I  hesitated for a moment before I asked, "How did you found out you were gay?"

"Well...  I realized it when I was about 12 when I kissed a girl for the first time. I never really found guys attractive.  I mean, I dated guys when I was like 6, if that even counts. You'll know if you are when you have that moment. Or when you look at a girl differently than you ever had. Why do you ask?"

I thought about what she said for a moment; 'When you look at a girl differently than you ever had.' 

I look at Miss Williams differently than I've ever looked at any other girl before.

"Well, you see. I met this girl and I can't get her out of my head. I stare at her every chance I get. I day dream when i'm around her. I just stare at the way she moves. I think about her in ways I didn't know I ever would. It's only been a day and I think I might be gay"

I stared out my window while the silence filled my car. Then Lily poked me and when I turned to look at her, she pressed her lips against mine. 

It was nice; her soft lips against mine. It didn't feel weird, besides the fact that I just met her today and we're friends. 

She continued to kiss me, our tongues locking together. Her lips tasted like mangoes, probably from her lip balm.

We finally pulled away and looked at each other. I was shocked my heart was beating so fast.

"Well, how did you feel when I kissed you"

I wasn't sure if she thought I was talking about her or how I felt about kissing girls in general.

"It felt right. Although, we are just friends, so that part was just a little bit weird."

When Lily heard me say the words 'just friends' and 'weird', it almost looked like she was a little disappointment.

"I-I know. I'm just trying to help you. So... you like it? Like, you would kiss a girl again?"

I thought about how her lips felt on mine and thought; yeah, I would.


"I think you might be gay or just bi-curious. Just depends on how you feel about it later on."

 I thought about the idea of me being with a guy, and honestly, it doesn't feel right to me. I never get nervous or get butterflies when guys talk to me, but with girls I always got nervous trying to find the right words, especially with Miss Williams.  

"I just have a lot of thinking to do tonight. I'll see you tomorrow?"

Lily smiled and said, "Of course."

I drove home after I dropped her off. I soon pulled up into my driveway and walked through the door.

"Avery," my mom called to me, "where have you been?"

I haven't talked to her since it all went down. I miss her, but I can't just forgive her now. I ignored her and walked up the stairs where I laid in bed the rest of the night; I didn't even eat dinner.

All I could think about was if I was really a lesbian. 


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