Pokemon: Facts, Tips and Everything In Between

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Pokémon, all compiled into one book. Want some cool tips for the games? Look no further. Want to know some interesting facts about the world of Pokémon? This is your book.


11. CHEAT: Mystery Gift Codes for Pokemon Battle Revolution


Here are the Mystery Gift Codes for the Wii game Pokémon Battle Revolution. There are different codes depending on what country you live in, so make sure you read the right one.

(Code : Information)

tko3-9jwp-34kl    :    Electivire (Shocking Mystery Gift - English Version)

jk4i-df87-dsf9    :    Electivire (French Version)

0f9-ud0g-ughj    :    Electivire (German Version)

t4oi-6j8d-sb5r    :    Electivire (Italian Version)

04in-1ynj-24fv    :    Electivire (Spanish Version)

jl49-05kn-odnv    :    Magmortar (Heated Mystery Gift - English Version)

13io-h4rf-1tpa    :    Magmortar (French Version)

kre9-ef90-5hgn    :    Magmortar (German Version)

97ea-78hl-jrgu    :    Magmortar (Italian Version)

kn34-q0uc-1mbx    :    Magmortar (Spanish Version)

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