Fake Love

A teen age girl named Bella was working in the store while a handsome teen boy comes in. Will Bella win his heart or somebody else maybe he's a player found out about Bella and her loved one


4. The Hospital

I wake up from the couch and still remember the party last night. Then I look around "what everything doesn't look messy it looks clean" i said to myself and got up I go to the kitchen and looked in the fridge I rubbed my stomach "nothing to eat" i said and closed the fridge. I walked to my mom's room she isn't there then I looked in my room nothing "MOM" i yelled out no sound just the cars passing by "maybe i should call her" i said I gabbed my phone from my pocket and called her it went straight to voice mail 

"oh mom i hope you're ok" i said to myself then i got a message

from someone "what?! who are you" i said to myself the text said: "

Hey babe remember last night well i was thinking maybe you would like to come over i will send you some photos of where i live" "uh ok" i replied back I then grabbed my coat, my beanie, and shoes then headed out the door

I got into my car and road it while looking at the pictures Jake had sent me 

Even though it's bad to look at your phone and drive I have to do it then Jake sent

me one more picture I grabbed my phone with one arm and looked closely at the picture I saw a girl with blonde hair and she was wearing a short skirt with a white shirt that was tied "is that Jenn-"i said then out of no where a car from the left crashed into my car. The car went rolling off the highway into a ditch I looked through the windows but my vision was bad it would go black and then normal black and normal black and normal until eventually I passed out. It was dark I couldn't see anything I heard voices "1,2,3" someone had said, "ok good not lift her up" I slipped out of my body i could see myself and all the other helpers they where firemen. They got me out of my car and took me to the hospital Then somehow I 

slipped back in my body then I opened my eyes and gasped for air I looked around 

I can see chairs, a Tv, a counter, and other stuff I got up on the bed and looked to my left I can imagine a car hitting me I bundle up then i looked behind me i saw a "get well" balloon i got off my bed and walked to it i read the tag "to: Bella From: your mom Love you" "good mom is okay" i said to myself then I saw something else it was a card it said: "to: Bella from:Jake Why do you do this to my Bella? I care about you please don't do it again Love you babe" I sighed I looked down and went to the hospital bed I touched my head and I felt stitches I bundle up into a ball and covered myself


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