Fake Love

A teen age girl named Bella was working in the store while a handsome teen boy comes in. Will Bella win his heart or somebody else maybe he's a player found out about Bella and her loved one


3. Rich Side of The Family

I opened my eye "it's morning already" I said in a yawn, "better go see if my mom is up" I walked down stairs and i saw on the kitchen table a note the note said:  "Sweetie I went to the Doctors there is food inside the fridge you can call your friends to come over and stay out of trouble young Missy" "alright easy enough" I said I took my phone out of my pocket and called my friend Natalie she had stripes of hair that air pink "HEY BELLA" said Natalie " yo" I said, "listen want to come over you can invite some people as well" "yes OF COURSE" Natalie replied "ok see you in a few" I said back "alright" said Natalie and we both hung up.  Later that day the sun started to set "DING DONG" I walked to the door and 

Opened it i saw my friend Natalie

"HEY GIRL" she said and walked right in

"Wow ok so did you invite anyone" I said "yup the whole squad" "WHAT" I replied "i know right so exciting" said Natalie then a whole bunch of people walked in then I saw a familiar face and that face looked exactly like Jake's face "hey" said Jake and when Jake walked in Jennifer walked right in as well "NATALIE" I said  I ran to her and grabbed her hand and took her in a room "what whats wrong" she said  " did you invite Jake and Jennifer" I said "oh pssh we've been friend's or a long time now except Jennifer ugh i hate that girl" "yeah same but we have to act cool" i sad "yeah" she replied we left the room and went to the living room "ew Hun why would we hang over a homeless girls house" said Jennifer "pipe down babe" said Jake Jake saw me and opened his mouth and went straight to me "hey aren't you the girl i saw at the store" he said "yup that's me hehe" i replied back "oh well i'm glad we met again" he said and winked at me "i don't know if i like this he has a girlfriend maybe i should ask him" i said in my mind "hey um do you have a girlfriend" i said to him "me oh no i don't" he said "then who is that girl you brought with you" i said very suspiciously "oh uh Jennifer yeah um about her so you don't-" said Jake "cut to the chase" i said interrupting him "i'm just dating her for fame" Jake said in a lie "oh right" i said, "for fame right" listen i really want to date you because when we first met i thought it was love at first sight" said Jake,"but we can't" "what why" i said "well my dad wants me to date the richest girl here" Jake replied "oh o you think i'm not rich" i said "NO that's not what i meant just y'know since im rich--" said Jake I interrupted him again "wait you're rich" 

I said  "yeah i have a rich side of the family" Jake said

"oh i never knew" i said in a surprised voice

"yeah but can we date without letting my dad and mom find out" Jake said "yes of course" i said he left kissed my cheek and took Jennifer with him "wow i know he is a player but this is what i need i guess" i said...



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