Fake Love

A teen age girl named Bella was working in the store while a handsome teen boy comes in. Will Bella win his heart or somebody else maybe he's a player found out about Bella and her loved one


5. Famous Celebrity

I woke up again in the hospital I don't remember anything from yesterday I jumped up when my phone ranged. I answered it "hello?" I said in confusion "hey..." said a voice from the other line"it's me Jake" "oh hey..."I said normally

"so are you coming to my house or not?" he said wondering

"oh what yes i guess i am i'll be there in a sec" I said casually 

"mkay see you in a bit" he replied back and ended the call

I got up and went outside of my room and to the front desk "miss i think i'm ready to leave" I said warmly "of course you are hun you've been staying here for 4 days now i think" she said raising her eyebrow," i'll tell docker Adams that your ready to head out miss you are free to go now" I smiled at her and she smiled back. I left the hospital and luckily the front desk lady got me clothes to wear. I looked at my phone and found the address Jake had sent me yesterday. I went walking there and i made it.I went to these gates and a women was talking in the speaker. I told her I came to see Jake

so she opened the gates for me. As i was walking I was looking up

at this huge mansion. I was amazed of how rich he was.The garden was breathe taking too

but I bet the balcony is too. I walked up to the door and knocked on it.

I waited when until the door swung opened and saw Jake with his

warm smile. I looked at him and smiled back "come on in" he said greeting me

and shaking my hand "wow some place you got here!" i said in amazement

"it's nothing really" he said shrugging his shoulders. I love this guy but

he's a fuck boy. I bit my lip Is this fake love? He put his hand on my shoulder "are you okay cupcake?" he said wondering "yeah i'm okay" i said softly grabbing his hand on my shoulder. He took my hand and we explored the mansion. While walking I asked him questions "do you hate getting attention a lot" I asked "um i don't know but being famous stresses me out sometimes"" he said rubbing his forehead. I stopped dead in my tracks. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him "what?!" I said while my mouth was opened. He stopped and turned around to face me "look cupcake i'm not just a guy with some money but i have a life...and that life is a famous life i'm the richest man in the world" he said. I was in shocked I slowly sat on the floor and he sat down with me "s-so your f-famous and your a celebrity" I said stuttering "yeah"he said." but sometimes i don't date as much girls because they only want me for my

money " I looked at him and put my hand on his

chin "i don't want the money from you" I said softly,"

i don't care about the money, i only care about us" biting my lip

now because I just kinda said I loved him. I shouldn't love him 

I don't think i can date another rich guy again. I put my head down almost about to cry

until one tear fell down my cheek. I don't think i should date Jake at all

he's gonna be like Zac all over again. Jake looked at me and wiped the 

tear off my face and hugged me so tight. I buried my head in his chest

and smiled. 

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