Fake Love

A teen age girl named Bella was working in the store while a handsome teen boy comes in. Will Bella win his heart or somebody else maybe he's a player found out about Bella and her loved one


6. Dad

We both got up "what where you thinking about" Jake said confused

I put my hair behind my ear "um....just someone i guess" I said shrugging my shoulder

"come on cupcake you can tell me anything" Jake said.

"It's just about My ex boyfriend" I said biting my lip Jake frowned "but...you have me!" he said,"it's called moving on"
"yeah but Jake, You have a real girlfriend" I said sadly "what do you mean your my girlfriend" Jake said hugging me

"no Jake," I said pushing him,"you and Jennifer" "what! WE HAVE NOTHING BETWEEN US!" Jake said firmly.

Jake got a voice mail from Jennifer it said "hey babe, when are you gonna dump that Bella girl or whatever her name is. You said you will. Don't you love me I mean we ARE still dating. but any who if you get this it means let's go out on a date some day bye!" My eyes narrowed Jake chuckled nervously "I KNEW IT!" I said aloud "cupcake" he said,"if you want me to break up with her I will" My face light up "you would do that for me!" He nodded. I hugged him tightly. He grabbed his

phone and texted her "I'm breaking up with you" I looked at Jake and hugged him one last time "aw" he said.

I blushed "now we're official" Jake said smirking "YUP!" I said smiling,"maybe we should go out" He nodded 

"I would love that". We walked outside "Hey cupcake, How come you never told me about your dad" He said wondering

"well, My dad is in Jail" I said looking down. We stopped walking "i'm sorry cupcake" he said sadly

"well, all I know is that my dad should never come out of jail who knows what he's capable of" I said scared

already. Jake looked at me worried.

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