Follow The Current

Akos and Cyra are now together, their journey taking them to the Assembly Ship.
Ryzek and Eijeh will have their final charge at freedom when their newly found fates will be decided on the Assembly ship by Chancellor Isae and Oracle Sifa.
But Akos and Cyra are ready to fight for those they love when it comes to times of fear, heartbreak and pain.


4. Chapter 4 || Cyra

I looked at myself in the mirror. Today I would go visit Ryzek, hopefully my bearing will be intact this time. It was time that I finally gave him the return of the torture he inflicted on me. Not death though. Death was a mercy I wouldn't give him. Not now and hopefully not ever.

My eyes shifted to my arm, now exposed. I didn't know what changed in me, but I had decided that this time, when I saw Ryzek, he could see what he'd done to me. Every mark that was etched upon my skin. They shaped me into someone I didn't even recognise. Someone cruel, and unforgiving.

I looked back at my face. I smiled. Maybe I wasn't beautiful in the eyes of others anymore, but when I looked at myself I saw someone who was ready to fight. For hope. For love. For the future.

As I leaned against the cell bars, I stared Ryzek in the eyes. Somehow I had managed to convince the guards to let me in. I told them, whatever they do, whatever happens, they were not to interfere. They nodded once then shut the cell door behind me.

"Has Isae come to visit you since. . ." I nodded to his still swollen face.

"No. She just did a very good job the first time round." I looked at Ryzek as he noticeably flushed in the dark. Well, the mighty Ryzek isn't so mighty now is he?

He then nodded to my arm. "Sudden change in mind? Let me guess, Lover Boy encouraged you to do that too?" He chuckled. He noticed the look on my face. "It was your decision? Well, aren't you just a pillar of self healing and strength."

"Yea, I am pretty amazing, aren't I?" My voice oozed sarcasm as I walked towards him. I willed my currentshadows to my fingers. The shadows built up so much, my hand appeared to be made of shadows entirely. Ryzek took a deep breath. Then the laughing started. Like, laughing.

Hysterical laughter erupted from Ryzek.

My hand grasped his neck quicker then he could register. His face went stone blank. But then a tear fell, then two, then three. Ryzek's face was streaked with tears. There was so many tears, it seemed like they should've been pooling around us.

My hand flew away from Ryzek before I could stop it. This was wrong. Though he had wronged me so many times, I was going to fix us.

I turned my back in Ryzek and the guards opened the door. I walked out.

"Goodbye, Big Brother." My hands trembled as I walked away, and I knew the pain was coming back.

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