Follow The Current

Akos and Cyra are now together, their journey taking them to the Assembly Ship.
Ryzek and Eijeh will have their final charge at freedom when their newly found fates will be decided on the Assembly ship by Chancellor Isae and Oracle Sifa.
But Akos and Cyra are ready to fight for those they love when it comes to times of fear, heartbreak and pain.


2. Chapter 2 || Cyra

Ryzek's face was gaunt, tired. Bruises snaked up his chest all the way to his face. Isae. Seeing him now though, that horrid look in his eye, all my fear for him left my head.

"Big Brother. You seem to be faring rather. . . Yes. Well, I suppose we have some things to talk about, wouldn't you agree?" My voice took on a tone I don't think I had ever heard myself use before.

"Mmmm. Yes, I suppose we do. So, how about you send lover boy away? After all, I'm in here and you're out there. What harm could I possibly do to you?" Ryzek was looking me straight in the eyes.

I looked over at Akos. I found his eyes in the easily, the grey of them almost translucent in the dark. His eyes were ones I had come to love. Love longer then I'd like to admit. He sent a concerned glance my way before, no doubt, stopping just out of eye sight to listen in. Good.

But then in a movement faster than I could detect, he had his hands out of my painful grip and was now gripping my wrist, pulling me down to his level. He reached his hands out of the cell and placed them on either side of my face.

The world faded way.

Ryzek was sitting at a long table, his posture relaxed. Too relaxed. He was sitting at the head of the table, a leg draped lazily over one arm of his chair, the other over the corner of the table. Light shone through the crack in between the door and floor. Footsteps interrupted the light every so often. It took a minute or two of waiting to see what I wanted. A pair of feet stopped in between the two doors. They opened slowly.

I saw his face first. Through Ryzek's eyes. It was such an intense experience. He looked weathered and old, despite it only being a few seasons since I saw him. We all last saw him. He stalked to the table with a predatory gait. The doors slowly shut behind him.

"Son, how. . . good to see you again! It has been quite some time." His voice betrayed his words. He was not pleased at seeing Ryzek again. Lazmet never was. I doubt he ever will be.

His hands landed on my shoulders.

I jerked as the world came back into perspective. Ryzek flinched.

"Now for you to hand a memory over." He grinned, a wicked, evil grin.

My heart stuttered as I saw Akos walk out of the bathroom, towel in hand, drying his short hair. With no shirt on, you could see little dribbles of water on the smooth planes of his chest. I sat on the bed. Our bed. We had recently been assigned this room after boarding the Assembly Ship.

His eyes turned and met my own. I averted my eyes quickly. Footsteps padded through the room, his hand then reaching ever so gently to grasp my chin, turning my face so I looked him in the eye again. He smiled. I smiled back, but then thought better of it.

"Hey, you would've thought that after everything we've been through, you would've been more comfortable with. . . us." His voice had a touch of humour in it. It was true though, I should've been. But I wasn't. So I took a bold step.

I stood up walking around him, and he turned with me so we were facing each other. I pushed him backwards to sit on the edge of the bed, and I stood between his legs. I grasped either side of his face, looking him in the eye.

I lowered my lips to his, my hands sliding up into his silky hair. His hands found their way around my waist, pulling me flush against him.

I gasped.

"Ryzek. No. Please!" But it was to late. He had already let go of my face and was backing away from me.

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