Follow The Current

Akos and Cyra are now together, their journey taking them to the Assembly Ship.
Ryzek and Eijeh will have their final charge at freedom when their newly found fates will be decided on the Assembly ship by Chancellor Isae and Oracle Sifa.
But Akos and Cyra are ready to fight for those they love when it comes to times of fear, heartbreak and pain.


1. Chapter 1 || Cyra

My hands were held out in front of me, my currentshadows swirling over my hands like smoke. Ryzek was on his knees before me, tears streaming down his face.

"This is the day. Ryzek, you know what you did. To think I spared you in that arena. How foolish I was to think you could ever change. But now, I will kill you." A harsh laugh escaped my lips as I walked towards him, lowering my hands towards his face. By now my currentshadows had pooled around my fingertips, ready to strike pain into the enemy.

But this time I didn't feel it as I stopped a foot away from him and rested my hands on either side of his face.

I jolted upright in the bed, my hands flying up to grasp my throat. My breaths came short and my heart pounded wildly in my chest.

"Ry-Rhyzek," I choked on the sound of his name.

A hand came to rest on my shoulder. Akos. I turned my head to see him sitting upright next to me. It was dark, but not dark enough for me to miss the sleep addled expression on his face, yet eyes alert.

He stared at me for a long minute. His face was unreadable now.

"It was a nightmare. But it's over now. You're safe. You're with me." He said as he stretched his arms out to pull me to his bare chest. I hadn't noticed till now that he wasn't wearing a shirt. I savoured the warmth of him as my currentshadows disappeared.

He rubbed his hand down my back in circles as I started to cry.

"Would you like to go check on Ryzek? So you know he's OK?" His eyes were soft.

I nodded.

Akos held my hand as we walked through the halls, on the way to the cells where Ryzek and Eijeh were being held until their new fates were decided.

It was strange. The intimacy of is holding hands. It wasn't like it used to be, just as way of relieving my pain, we now held hands because we wanted to. That was strange too, the ability to want someone but not having to think about causing them pain.

The halls were rather elegant, with beautiful patterns were carved into the walls, one for every planet. Thuhve was the final carving. I stopped, running my hands over the intricate display. Hushflowers and Iceflowers all over. I looked up at Akos, who was already looking down at me, a small, wild smile on his lips. I quickly looked away.

I withdrew my hand from the wall and continued walking, tugging Akos to follow me. We continued to walk in silence until we came to the door leading to the cells. The guards came to attention when they saw us rounding the corner.

"Miss Noavek. Mr Kereseth." A curtious nod. "Ryzek or Eijeh?"

I looked up at Akos. How did they know us? I'd never met them before. Isae probably told them about us, considering she was a Chancellor, maybe it was Sifa. Akos' mother. The oracle. I know he still held a grudge against her for not warning him about . . . everything.

Akos nodded at me. We could trust these men.

"Rhyzek." I said, my voice trembling. I was aloud to be nervous, right? Last time I saw my brother, he told me that Lazmet Noavek was-is-still alive, the time before that I almost killed him. My brother. My blood.

A guard waited for us just beyond the doors. He led us down corridors, going round so many twists that I couldn't even process what was happening. It was all a blur. I just wanted to talk to Ryzek.

"Just up ahead." The guard pointed cell, so dark I could barely make out the bars holding the prisoners in. But I knew they were there. Hands clasped the bars. Ryzek. I knew from the skin, so fair that it was the the colour of the ice.

I let got of Akos' hand, walking up to the bars, placing my own hands over Ryzek's. I didn't care if it hurt him. He had caused me endless hurt since the day I got my currentgift. He groaned in pain, his eyes squinted as he looked at me.

"Hello, Little Sister."

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