Based on the 2 C.S.I. Episodes Justin was in


4. chapter 4

Jason's phone rung


Hey Jason bet you weren't expecting a call from me"

No actually I wasn't

Jason in a truck

You thought you were smarter than yer brother ha But you had to make it personal

It's all been personal they killed my brother now their gunna pay

You think you lose someone I've had more bleed out in my arms in the middle of the dang sandbox but at least I know what I'm fighting for real freedom

"Stop talking to me like I am some kid I brought you in"

And I thought you every thing you little punk

Jason pushes him off of him

I thought you how to stay alive live a fight another and not to go straight to straight and take out the whole LVPD your just gunna get us killed kid

I'm not afraid


Shut up

That's a pretty nasty bruise how'd you get

I fell skateboarding


"Shut up I mean it shut your mouth now"

Ok ok

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