Ava Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

*This story is going to be a bit like Twisted Future, but just different. I'm super stumped on TF, so to make up for it, I'll do this one for now, and if I have any ideas for it, I will do TF too.*
Ava Potter was Harry Potter's younger sister, born only a few days before their parents were killed. Only, Ava is much different than her brother.


1. Siblings Forever

It was quite a rainy night. I liked rain, with the sound on the windowpanes and rooftops, its refreshing smell, and just everything about it. I'd be able to listen closely to the sound, if my brother, Harry's owl wasn't so loud. I wanted her to go out for a fly, but Harry didn't want her to because of the rain.

Hedwig, the owl, was getting extremely annoying. I couldn't handle it anymore.

"Harry, please! Get her to be quiet, or I may as well make myself deaf!" I snapped at him.

"I can't, Ava, and you know it! I don't want to send her out in the rain!" he protested.

"Then do something else!"

But, he didn't.

I really wished that Harry and I didn't share a room. It was just so annoying at times. I'd even move back to the cupboard under the stairs rather than listen to that racket.

Oh yeah. I should probably give some background about me and my brother.

When Harry was about one and I'd just barely been born, our parents were murdered. They were murdered by a Dark Wizard named Voldemort, in an attempt to kill Harry. But, the curse sent at Harry rebounded, and destroyed Voldemort instead, leaving Harry with just a scar. He's the famous Boy-Who-Lived. Everyone just loves him, and I have to admit, I do too, sometimes. Now, we live with our terrible aunt and uncle, who don't even care about us. I just hate living with them. They hate me more than they hate Harry.

I'm addressed as "Harry Potter's little sister" and it's the worst. I swear, nobody knows my actual name.

As for my house, I'm a Gryffindor, just like Harry is, and my parents were.

Enough about me. Let's go back to where we left off.

"Harry, the rain's stopped a bit! She'll be fine! How do you think wild owls survive in the rain?"

He opened his mouth to give a reason that was probably going to be very stupid, but I cut him off, saying, "They do just fine, I bet."

He growled, stood up, and muttered something under his breath. He walked over to where her cage was sitting on the desk, opened it up and she flew onto his arm. He walked over to the window and let her go.

"There, happy?" he said angrily.

"Yep," I said, feeling pleased with myself.

I rested my head on my hands, and closed my eyes to listen to the rain. I just loved the sound. It was better than listening to Hedwig all night.

I eventually fell asleep, without a care in the world.

Harry's POV

My sister was a complicated person. Even after all these years, I still didn't understand her. She's...different. She's also always irritated by absolutely everything.

But, you gotta love her. I turned my head to look at her again, only to find that she'd fallen asleep. I smiled, stood up, and walked over to where her bed was. She was so peaceful when she slept. I noticed how cold she looked, and pulled up her blankets so they were on her whole body, rather than just her feet. I smiled to myself again, then walked back over to my own bed to get some sleep, and maybe practice the spells some more.

Ava's POV

Several hours later, I woke up again to find that my blankets had been moved onto my entire body. I glanced over at the other side of the room, to see Harry under his sheets again, practicing that charm, Lumos. I kept telling him not to do it, because he'd get us both into trouble, but I decided to let tonight slip, considering the fact that he made sure I didn't freeze to death.

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