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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


10. Chapter 9: Drunk Ruby

 It was Ruby; she knew that Dean had some more secrets. She needed to know what they were. Now that she did know, she was even madder than Ellen was. This girl could ruin her plans that she has for both Winchester brothers and Ruby wasn't going to let that happen. While Dean was busy saying his goodbye to Jo, Ruby was busy plotting against all of them. She rushed back to Sam, she just had to beat Dean there, and she did too. His car was nowhere in sight, she ran to their motel room door like her life depended on it. First, she shot an empty jack Daniel's liqueur bottle on the ground.

She started pounding on the door loudly, Sam answered. He said, “What? Ruby? What are you doing here? Is it another Job?”

Sam only had on a pair of jeans and he wasn't wearing a shirt. Ruby just grabbed Sam; she pulled him into this all-consuming smoldering kiss. She pushed him into the room, slammed the door behind them. Then she was pushing him down on Dean's bed. Sam knew that something was wrong with Ruby. While she was kissing him, Sam could smell and taste the alcohol strongly on her breath.

He pushed her away a little bit, and then Sam said, “What are you doing? Are you drunk Ruby? I can smell it and taste it on you? We agreed that this can't happen anymore, now that Dean's back?”

She got up, stumbled around the room while she was ranting on and on about Dean.

She said, “Me, drunk? Ha, ha, maybe I had just a little bit to drink but I am not drunk. Do you even know where your sainted brother is right now? With that Jo chick, I mean who names their kid Jo anyways. It's such a stupid name, with her stupid blond hair. Then why can't we have some fun when they surely can? Well, do you even know what he did? He knocked her up with a baby. Do you believe that? Now he wants her to go on the road with you guys with her screaming brat. So come on lets have some fun?”

Then Ruby jumped on top of Sam again, she started to kiss him but he pushed her away yet again.

She got up, and then she said, “So, what gives Winchester? Don't you want to play?”

Sam couldn't believe it but Ruby was jealous of Jo, he knew that she might want a Winchester but Sam wasn't the Winchester that she wanted, she wanted Dean badly. Sam started laughing at her, and then she started to scream more at him.

Then he said, “I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I don't think I've ever seen a demon jealous or drunk. I didn't even know you could get drunk. The only reason that I am not jumping into bed with you is that it isn't; me that you really want. Does Dean even know that you think of him like that? Eww, I just had a sick thought, all those times that we were together, please tell me that you so weren't thinking of my brother were you? That would be really sick; if you were thinking of Dean while we were together.”

She started screaming some more, “I-I am so not jealous of that bleach blond tart. I am so not drunk either. She can have him anyways I don't care, cause you are way much better in bed than he is. Oops, I messed up didn't I? You weren't ever supposed to know. Another thing, I was so not thinking of Dean or hell all those times we were together, I promise you. God I hate him and her, and him & her together too. Why do I feel like this, what's this feeling Sam please tell me what it is?”

He said, “I already did, its jealousy. Wow you and Dean really, I knew something was up between you two but he denied it loudly, I might add. When he was in hell, is that when it happened? What would you do sneak down to hell and then have sex with Dean; and then have sex with me afterwards; please tell me you at least showered first?”

She said, “Sam it wasn't like that, it was more like my soul was having sex with his soul”.

Sam looked at Ruby disgusted, then Sam said, “That’s even worse, but wait Dean don't remember what he did down there?”

She laughed then she said, “He only wishes that he could forget but he can't, he liked it far too much. If you could have only seen him but I shouldn't be the one to tell you anymore of Dean's secrets. He should be the one to tell you himself, right Dean?”

Sam looked behind him, where Dean had just come in. Sam was mad at both Dean and Ruby. Sam's first thought was oh no, not again, Dean's done it again. Not all of their secrets; are out not yet anyways, there's still one more. Sam has got another secret that Dean or Ruby doesn't even know about. This secret Sam’s afraid of because if Dean ever finds out about it then Dean will never forgive him for it. Anyone can see that Ruby has feelings for Dean, Jo does as well, but Dean has feelings for both of them, even though he'd never admit it to anyone. Sam isn't confused at all, he only has feelings for Ruby, and he hoped that they would go away but they haven't yet.

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