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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


6. Chapter 5: Jo

Dean's past had finally caught up with him. The road house was rebuilt; they were passing through on their way from a Job. Sam wanted to stop, Dean didn’t, but they did because they had been driving for over four days straight. Dean knew that he would eventually see Jo or Ruby again but he didn't think that it would be so soon. 

Ellen almost lost it when she saw Sam and Dean both walk into her bar. There was; another secret; that Sam or Dean didn't know about but Ellen did. After Dean went to hell, a month or two later Jo found out that she was pregnant by Dean. 

At first, Jo didn't tell Ellen, until she put it all together for herself. After that she forced Jo to tell her who the father was, Ellen was so not pleased with Jo or the Winchesters, because of course she thought that the whole thing was Dean's fault. When she calmed down they both agreed never to tell anyone who was the father of Jo's baby because Ellen thought it was safer for everyone that way. 

It wasn't like they had to lie about anything, if anyone asked they would just say that it was a hunter and he was dead but all that changed when Dean came back from hell. It had been months since Dean had been back; Jo was almost seven months pregnant. She was still working at the bar; the baby was the only thing that stopped her from hunting for now. 

She did hear that Dean was back but she knew that he still had a mission to complete and she would never stand in his way of doing what's right. She also wanted to protect herself and the baby from the Winchester's dangerous lives. Jo was tired a lot these days but that didn't stop her from doing her Job. 

Ellen saw Jo about to come out of the back room, she tried to stop her, but it was too late. Dean saw Jo and then he saw all of her, he felt sick, and she was way pregnant. Dean couldn't believe it; he wondered who the father was? Then he walked over to Jo, he took the tray of drinks from her. 

He said, “Here let me help you with that, I'm not sure that you should be lifting heavy stuff in your condition anyways, do you? Who did it any ways? I thought that I meant something to you? I guess not, whatever”. 

He started to walk away from her but Jo stopped him once again. 

She said, “Wait you stupid retarded jerk, first of all I was doing just fine before you came back, and second of all I don't owe you anything, last but not least don't you even know how to do the math? You did it, not that I ever planned on telling you the truth but the baby's yours, and before you even ask yes my mom knows. I can't really talk about this right now but come back after closing, we can talk then?” 

Dean was stunned that the baby was his, of all the things that he expected to come out of her mouth that never even came close to it. He just nodded his head, and then he went back to the table where Sam was waiting for him. 

Sam said, “Well? Did Jo tell you who the father is? I know that's why you went over there, so?” 

Dean said, “I'll tell ya later, it's private. Let's go find a hotel, I'm tired.” 

Then they left to find some place to sleep for the night but on their way out who should they run into but Ruby of all things.

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