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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


5. Chapter 4: Dean's Back

Dean came back confused at first, his memories weren't all too clear but they cleared up fast. He remembered hell well and what he did there. He also remembered Ruby; how he betrayed both Jo and Sam with Ruby by having sex with her. He hoped to God that neither of them ever found out about it but he somehow doubted that it would stay a secret. 

These are just somethings; that went through his mind; that first day as Dean made his way back to find Sam. He wasn't even sure how long it had been for Sam since he went to hell. He wasn't even sure of how, why or if he was back for good. 

Before he could make it back to Sam, the angel Castiel came to him. Castiel told him where to find Sam and warned him to avoid the demon Ruby at all costs. It seemed that the angel knew about everything; what Dean did in hell but that didn't matter now, because the angels had a plan for Dean Winchester. He also told Dean that he wouldn't be going back to hell ever again, his deal was wiped right off the record. Like everything else there was a catch, he had to help the angels stop the devil from escaping out of hell. 

Since Dean and Sam started back on the road again, it seemed like something was off with Sam. He wasn't the same, Dean could tell that; there was something that; Sam was keeping from him; but Dean didn't want to push him because he had his own secrets to worry about. 

Hell was beyond bad, he would do anything not to relive it, but since he's been back, it seemed that there was a lot weighing Dean down he didn't hear from or see Ruby since he's been back. Since Sam didn't bring her up neither did Dean. He didn't hear from Jo either since his return, he was sure that she knew he was back. He wasn't sure who he was more afraid of seeing Ruby or Jo? 

He knew how he still felt about Jo but Ruby was a different story? Well he just didn't know, the things he did in hell scared him, that he was even capable of doing those things scared him to death but what scared him even more was he was starting to like it even. Dean hoped to God that Sam or Jo never found out what he did in hell with Ruby and to others. 

Dean didn't know how he would act when he saw either Ruby or Jo again but he knew that it would be soon. It would be a whole lot sooner than either he or Sam thought that it would be the question is who would they run into first Ruby or Jo? The real question is would either woman or demon ever tell Sam about what really happened between her and Dean?     

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