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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


4. Chapter 3: One Lost Night

Dean went to hell with a secret, two nights before his time was up, he went to see Jo to clear the air and say his final goodbye. This is what happened between Dean & Jo on that lost night. 

It was late; Jo was closing up alone again, when she heard a noise outside. She went to check it out, it was a guy, but she couldn't tell who it was. 

She got her shotgun, she said, “Hold it right there, don't move, now turn around slowly & maybe you won't get shot”. 

When he did turn around, Jo was shocked that it was Dean.
She said, “Dean? What are you doing here? Where's Sam?” 

He sat down after Jo took the gun off him.

Dean said, “He’s busy trying to get me out of an unbreakable deal that I made. I came to see you, I guess you haven't changed all that much, huh? I wanted to say goodbye before it's too late, if that's ok?” 

Jo said, “Yea, I heard about your deal, I couldn't believe that it was true. I can hardly believe that in a day or two you'll be gone, in hell”. 

It seemed like Jo couldn't even think about it, let alone talk about it. She looked at Dean; he seemed different than the last time that she saw him. There was a sadness about Dean, that wasn't there before. There was something between them but there always had been. Jo didn't deny how she felt about Dean, it was always written on her face every time she saw him. 

Everyone saw it but Dean refused to see it, cause then he would be forced to admit that he had feelings for Jo also. This was something that Dean would never do because; it seemed that whenever, a Winchester loved a woman; it always ended badly, for the woman. So if Dean really cared or even loved a woman, he would run away, blow them off even, whatever it took to keep her safely away from him and the dangerous lives that they live. Now that his time was almost up, he wanted no needed to tell Jo the truth but he wasn't sure how to do it.

Jo reached over took his hand in hers, then she said, “It’s ok to be scared, Dean I know I would be. What is it that you were hoping to gain by coming here anyways?”

Dean looked up at her, and then he gave her one of his half-crooked cocky grins. She smiled back at him, then she said, “I know that you’re not thinking, what I think you are right? Cause I know that you don't think of me that way, I mean why would you?” 

She turned away from him like she said too much; she pulled her hand from his and started to get up. She was backing away from him but he wouldn't let her get away not again. 

Dean got up and followed her, he said, “Wait a minute, I need to tell you something. I don't want to go to hell without telling you the truth about how I feel about you. Unless you don't want to know and you want to run away again?” 

Jo couldn't breathe when he said the word feel. She said, “No, I'm not going anywhere, I would want to know even if you only had five minutes left here, I still would want to know the truth. When Sam was possessed by that demon, he told me things about you. Like that you could or would never feel like that about me because you only think of me as a little sister, is that true or was it another demon lie?” 

Dean shook his head and smiled. 

Then he said, “No that's not true, the first time that we met it took everything in me not to just jump into bed with you. I mean I was so attracted to you, I still am but it's more than that, it always has been. I've just been scared to death because every time that I start to care about anyone they always are killed by a demon. I mean you know what we do and yet your still here instead of running away from me, like any sane person would do. Yes, I do have feelings for you that scare me to death because I know that it could never, turn into anything real. I know that if what we do didn't hurt you then I would because it's what I do. I've never been good at sticking around. That's why I never went there with you because if I ever did, I couldn't go back to not being with you. I knew if we ever touched like that, it would never be enough for me. I need you, I want you more than I could ever say, and I think I'm in love with you. Why do you think that I didn't ever want to work with you on a Job?” 

Jo was in shock, here Dean was pouring his heart out to her, and she didn't know what to say, after a few minute she found her voice again. 

She said, “I didn't think it was because of that. I just thought that you were afraid of my mom, not that you wanted me in the worst way. Do you still feel that way about me?” 

Dean spoke up, “Yea, I do still want you but that's not the only reason that I came to see you, I felt like I owed you the truth. So now that I've cleared the air, I can leave with a clear conscience”. 

He got up and started to leave but Jo stopped him. She grabbed his arm and said, “Wait, don't go yet”. 

He said, “Why not?” 

Jo said, “You can't just tell me that you love me and that you want me then leave like that. I feel the same as you do, I tried to tell you so many times, but you always shut me out. Not this time I won't let you do it again. Do you hear me?” 

He started to say something but before he could, Jo was kissing him so hard like she couldn't breathe without his touch. 

He pulled away from her for a moment, he said, “You sure that this is ok? I mean what about your mom?” 

Jo said, “Yea, it's more than ok, I've waited for this for way too long already. No, you don't have to worry about my mom, she's gone on some trip again, and she won't be back for a couple days, now come here”. 

They went into the back to Jo's bedroom, where they made love all night more than once. Dean had finally done the things to Jo that he dreamed of doing since they met that first time. Since neither of them was thinking about the future, they were only thinking of this moment, so no one used any kind of protection at all. Dean didn't bring anything with him cause he didn't think that this would ever happen with her. Jo didn't have anything cause the only guy that she wanted to be with like that was Dean but she didn't know that he wanted her too. 

The next day Dean said goodbye to Jo forever, then he went back to Sam but he never told him where he was. In fact, no one except Dean and Jo knew where he was on that lost night. He didn't say anything about his night with Jo out of respect for her. 

Dean didn't plan on sleeping with Jo but it happened just the Same and there was no way that either of them could ever bring their selves to regret it. The one night that they spent together would come back to haunt them both very soon. 

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