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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


3. Chapter 2: Ruby & Dean

Dean wasn't sure how it happened but one moment Ruby was standing there and the next he was kissing her so hard. He wasn't sure why but it felt good, in a way that nothing else had in a long time. He didn't intend for it to go any further than a kiss, and neither did Ruby at first but it did. 

He thought that she would push him away when he started taking her clothes off but instead, she pulled him even closer to her. Dean didn't even realize what he was doing but Ruby knew what she was doing. It was all part of her plans; she knew that Dean wouldn't be in hell forever. She was convinced that he would get out of hell some way or another but she didn't know how. 

Later when he did get out of hell, she could use his weakness against him because she knew that he wouldn't want Sam to know just how low that he sunk. It wasn't love, it was sex, it was fast, and then it was over, after wards it made Dean feel sick with himself. 

He said, “Ruby. Get. Out! You make me sick”. 

She got up and got dressed, then she said, “You weren't saying that a minute ago when you were putting it to me, so hard. Ok, I'll go bye for now lover”. 

She smiled at him like she knew so much more than he did. She kissed him on the mouth, he let her, and then she left. That was how Ruby and Dean started; after ever torture that he gave to someone; she would be waiting for him in that awful room. The first couple of times he fought it but after a while, he gave up and gave in to her. He went in to her arms every night; it became the highlight of his night. 

After a while, he began to think that Ruby was his salvation but she wasn't, his soul was damned the minute he trusted her. It went on like that for ten years in hell, he would do awful things, and then he would have sex with Ruby. Dean thought that Ruby was saving his last shred of humanity but she was blackening his soul even more. 

He was in her arms the very night that the angel Castiel came for him & pulled him out of hell for good. Ruby knew that it was only a matter of time before someone up there put Dean back in play again. She was good though because she had already laid the groundwork for her plan it was going to work. 

There were a few things that Ruby didn't count on, like how Dean or Sam were going to react after Dean came back or Jo Harvelle's part in all of it. She didn't count on any of those things stopping or derailing her plans.

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