Missing Chapters

I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


14. Chapter 13: Ruby & Sam

When Sam got into the room, he didn’t see Ruby at first, he called out, “Ruby, are you here?” 

She came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her. 

She said, “Here I am lover, Where’s Dean? Don’t tell me that he ran back to Jo and begged her to take him back? How pathetic can one girl be? I bet you that she does take him back too, I swear that boy could do anything and she would take him back every single time.” 

Sam said, “Your right she will, they are together right now and there is not a damned thing that you can do about it. Besides this is not about Dean & Jo, this is about you and me, why did you tell him that you were pregnant by me anyway?” 

Ruby said, “Because I knew that I could get him to sleep with me without protection that way and who knows I could be. Would you want me to be pregnant by you?” 

Sam said, “Yea, as strange and twisted as it sounds; I would because I can’t help myself, I want you and I love you, oh shit I didn’t mean to say that, it just came out wrong, I didn’t mean it like that.” 

Sam looked away almost ashamed about how he felt about her. Ruby forced him to look at her and said, “Do you really mean it, Sam you love me?” 

Sam said, “Yea, I’ve tried not to believe me but God I do love you Ruby.”  

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