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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


13. Chapter 12: Jo & Sam

When Dean arrived at the road house, Sam was already there and had been for over an hour. It was unusually quiet when Dean walked in the door, it looked like they were closed, no one was in the bar except for Sam. Dean cleared his throat and said, “Sam are we gonna sort this out or what?” 

Sam was sitting at the bar doing shots, which was unusual for him. After a few seconds, Jo came in from the back room. She had this expression on her face, that Dean had never seen before except once, when she found out that their dad got her dad killed. It was obvious that Sam had told her something but the question was how much did he tell her?  

After a few moments Jo said, “Oh, Dean’s back, so what are you all done screwing Ruby already? I know the Trickster made you touch that demon whore, right?”

Dean tried to come up with an excuse, “It wasn't like that please let me explain?”

“Oh, don’t even try it, while the trickster may have been done with you and that whore Ruby, he was not done with me or Sam at all. That’s right, we got a live show of what you and that thing were doing. We saw all of it, get out of my sight you son of a bitch, you make me sick, I never want to see you again, we are done.”

Jo took off her ring and shot it at Dean as if it were less than nothing. Then she said, “Oh, how I wish that I could hurt you like this, I feel so stupid for trusting you. Oh, wait a minute, I can, while you were in hell I had sex with Sam. That’s right it was only two months after you were gone, we had hot mind blowing sex in my mom’s bed. It was so amazing that he didn’t want to leave and I almost didn’t let him. Now that we are through for good, who knows I might give him another go. What do you say Sam, want to have another go at it?”

Then she walked over to Sam and kissed him on the mouth, he let her because he was mad at Dean as well for sleeping with Ruby. It didn’t take Dean long to push them apart. 

Then he said, “I can’t believe that you did this to me? Ok, fine, I had sex with ruby but only but it wasn't because I wanted to, it was because she had information on that last seal and saving the world from the darkness. I’m sorry that I hurt either of you but the only way that she would have given it up to me was if I gave it up to her. Now that you’ve hurt me in return does this make us even then?”

Jo spoke up, “No, not by a long shot, you betrayed us. It was completely different for Sam & me to be together because you were gone in hell and we were barely holding it together. It happened the night that I told you about, when Sam came into the bar, him & Ruby were not together yet. I did tell you most of it but I only left out some minor details, just as you did. I mean you never really told me what happened in hell? Will you tell me now?” 

Jo just looked so broken that Dean knew the only thing that he could do now was to tell Jo & Sam the whole truth.

“Your right about that I thought that I could forget and move on but I can’t. What I went through in hell was life changing and it changed me. Time moves differently down in the pit, it wasn't six months for me down there, it was more like sixty years. God, they did awful things to me, tortured me in ways that are unspeakable. Every day for the first thirty years, Alistair would peel off my skin until there was almost nothing left, then I would be whole again. He would make sure that I felt every inch of what he was doing too. 

Then at the end of every day he would say, “It could all stop, all you have to do is say yes to my deal? I’ll take you off the rack if you put someone else on it and torture them?” 

Every day for thirty years I said, “No” but the pain got to be too much, I couldn't say no anymore. So when I finally said, “Yes” he let me rest in a dirty room for a few hours. That’s when ruby came to me the first time, I didn’t want to but she made it really hard to say no, so I gave in to my worst impulses. It went on like that for more years than I can count in hell. I would torture souls, I lost track of how many people, then after every night as a reward, I got to have sex with Ruby. You want to know what’s really sick? I was getting good at torturing people, I even was starting to like it too. I mean I had so much blood on my hands and it didn’t even faze me, who does that? This thing with Ruby though, I don’t know or care what she feels for me because even though she is human now, I could never love her. It was only sex and it didn’t mean anything to me. God, the only woman that I has ever meant anything to me is you Jo. Maybe I am just to damaged for this life, maybe they should have just left me in hell?”

Dean sank to his knees sobbing like a lost child. It may have taken him a while to admit it or see it but Jo was his home and if he really lost her then he lost everything. Jo went to him, she couldn't help herself. 

She pulled him off the ground towards her, then she said, “That’s not true Dean, the world needs you, Sam needs you, and I need you as well. It may take some time but I could forgive you in time. I mean regardless of everything, I still do love you and I do want to marry you still but there will be a new rule #5: you will never be alone with Ruby and you will never touch her again. If I ever see her so much as looking at you then I will kill her, human or not got it? You are my man and she better keep her damned hands off you.” 

Dean smiled at Jo and proceeded to kiss her but she pushed him away and said, “Not so fast, it is going to take more than you finally telling me what you did in hell for us to be ok. There isn't anything else is there Dean?”

“Yea, actually there is one more thing, I’m sorry Sam but Ruby told me that she was pregnant with you baby. I don’t know if it is true but you should talk to her about it.”

Sam got up and ran out of the bar like it was on fire. Dean & Jo didn’t say anything to him because they both knew that he was going to see Ruby. They turned towards one another, then Jo spoke up first, “So it that everything? Do I know everything now?”

“Yea, I don’t have anything else to hide except, I love you, I think that I always have. Do we even have a shot?”

“Yea, we do, but first let me reintroduce you to a contraption that I call a shower because I sure as hell ain't touching you again until you wash off that whore’s smell.”

Dean went willingly with her to the bathroom as she shoved him into the shower. After Dean took a shower, he came out wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He found Jo in her bedroom, laying on the bed. 

“I don’t suppose that you have any clean clothes for me to wear? Cause Sam took the car and all my clean clothes were in it. So what do you think I should do then?”

Jo couldn't help herself, she wanted him still, even though she was still mad. That was the thing about Dean Winchester, no matter what he ever did or said to Jo, she knew that she would always forgive him because she would never stop wanting him or loving him, even if it destroyed her in the end, then so be it.

Jo said seductively, “Well, my mom’s gone for a while, so I have a few ideas of what we could do to pass the time until Sam comes back? Come on, get your naked self over here Winchester?” 

She gave him this come hither look, which is pretty hard to do when you are way pregnant. Dean went over to her like a moth to a flame.

“Are you sure this won’t hurt the baby?”

“No, it’s fine unless you aren’t up for it? Or is it that you don’t find me that attractive anymore with this huge belly on me?”

“Oh, I am more than up for this, and you are so right, I don’t think that your attractive, I think that you’re so beautiful that it takes my breath away.”

Jo smiled at Dean, then she pulled him down to the bed. They were kissing each other all over their bodies. Throughout their love making Dean kept touching her belly like he thought it was a dream and she would disappear if he let go for even a moment. They made love slowly and gentle, it was like the last few months hadn't even happened at all. They were together now, the way that it was always meant to be.

While Dean & Jo were reconnecting, Sam was about to confront Ruby because he was certain that she had to be lying, there was no baby. Sam knew this but why would she try and convince Dean that she was pregnant in the first place? Sam wanted to know what game was Ruby playing at now and why would she try to pull him into it too?

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