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I do not own supernatural or Dean but I wish that I did. This is my first supernatural fanfiction pairing: Dean/Ruby & Dean/Jo and eventually Sam/Ruby.


12. Chapter 11: The Present

Dean was really mad and they both could tell, even before he started speaking in that disappointed tone that he tended to use a lot. 

Dean said, “Well let’s have it out once and for all?” 

Then both brothers said at the same time, “I can’t believe you had sex with a demon, what were you thinking?” 

Dean looked over at Ruby who was laying on Dean’s bed and said, “I can’t believe you told him, what were you thinking?” 

Ruby got up and met Dean halfway across the room, and then she said, “Oh, I wasn't thinking about anything except this.” 

Then she pressed her whole body up against Dean’s body, which she then wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into this all consuming hot amazing kiss. He didn’t push her away either, Sam saw this, which made him leave the room. He slammed the door as hard as he could on his way out.

After Sam was gone, Dean did push Ruby off of him, and then he said, “We can’t do this and you know why, it would hurt Jo & Sam too much. I’m sorry but I can’t hurt them like that. Please don’t touch me like that again. I love Jo and I’m going to marry her, if you don’t like that too damned bad. Now I have to go after Sam and explain what happened.”

Dean turned to leave as Ruby tried to stop him but something else already did. The motel room vanished and in its place was a game show room, like on the price is right. There in the middle of the room stood the Trickster. 

He said, “This is your life Dean Winchester, choose wisely. You have three options, door a, b or what is behind door c? Please tell me what will it be?” 

Three doors opened, behind door a was Jo handcuffed to a ceiling, with acid underneath her, if she fell there was no way that she would survive it. Dean thought he knew true fear until door b opened, it was Sam and the situation was the same except there was only broken glass underneath him though. Even if he did fall, he would only suffer minor injuries. Then door c opened and it was Ruby, she was tied to a pole with holy water below her. She would not die if she fell, she would maybe be sent back to hell only. 

The Trickster said, “So Dean what will it be? The pretty little blond and mother of your unborn child? Or your little brother, who you went to hell for even though he barely tolerates you? Or shall it be your demon lover? Which one will it be Dean?”

When the Trickster said that, Dean looked at Jo. The Trickster said, “Aw, poor Jo, she already knows about you & Ruby by the way, Sam told her before I zapped them here. So go ahead and choose, which one will be going down first Dean?”

Then Dean said, “I’m sorry but I pick Ruby because she will only go back to hell maybe.” 

The Trickster pulled a lever and Ruby fell to the ground, at first she screamed but after a second she started to laugh because nothing happened. The Trickster got mad, and he said, “What are you trying to pull Dean? That wasn't supposed to happen, are you sure that she’s even a demon?”

He let Ruby come out there with them, he smelled her. 

Then the Trickster said, “She’s not a demon anymore, I don’t know how she managed to do it but she is 100% human. I can smell her humanity on her skin from here. Ok let us get this show on the road, who will be next? Jo or baby brother? Tick-tock Dean?” 

Dean looked at them both sadly and then he said, “I’m sorry Sam but it shouldn't hurt you that much, I pick Sam.” 

Then Sam fell to his knees, he was hurt and bleeding but alive. The Trickster snapped his fingers and everything disappeared again. Dean & Ruby both found their selves back in the motel room again but Sam & Jo were both nowhere in sight.

Dean turned to leave the motel room once again but Ruby stopped him in his tracks with one line, “Wait, Dean, I’m pregnant and Sam’s the father.”

He couldn't believe it was the truth, it had to be more of her lies. He turned back around and said, “What? Please tell me that you are joking?”

“If only I were joking, but it’s the truth, I’m human now and I have been since you came back. The reason that I didn’t want you or Sam to know was because I wanted you to want me in spite of me being a demon. I know now that you never will but I don’t care, even though I’m human now, I still want you more than I have ever wanted anything before and since I have existed. I swear that I never meant for this to happen but it did. Sam isn't the one that I want, you are the one that I’ve always wanted. Come here?”

Ruby got up and walked over to him and tried to kiss him, while she put her hands all over him once again. 

He pushed her away from him hard and said, “I told you that this will never happen so you need to quit trying already.”

She said, “Hey, Dean wait, don’t go yet, I still have one more card to play. You want to know what the last seal is to free Lucifer don’t you? Because I know what it is?”

“Really? Ok fine, I’ll play along, what is it then, tell me, Ruby?”

“Not so fast Dean, like I would make it that easy, I want something from you first and I won’t be denied again. Now come here to me?”

“Are you serious? You want me to have sex with you and in return you will tell me how to save the world? Are you kidding me right now?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I want you to do and you will because I know you and you would rather go back to hell than fail to save the world.” 

Ruby went over to Dean and started pulling him towards the bed. He didn’t resist this time anymore. 

“Now you’re getting the idea, just give in, it’s what we both want.”

“If we do this, I could lose both Jo and Sam forever? Are you ok with that?”

“I know but I can’t seem to care. I have wanted you for far too long, besides I will never tell, it could be our secret, I’ll never tell.”

Ruby started kissing Dean, she pulled him on top of her, he stopped resisting altogether now. It wasn't fast, hard or even rough, in fact it was soft, gentle, sweet and very long, over an hour & a half long. It was supposed to be just sex, hard, fast and then over, it wasn't supposed to be like making love but it was. It wasn't supposed to feel so good touching her but it did. Dean didn’t want to want Ruby but he did want her. 

Hearts song I didn’t want to need you was playing in the background: I didn't wanna to need you, no I didn't wanna want you like I do I didn't mean to fall Didn't wanna care at all I didn't wanna need you Like I need you now.

Afterwards Dean got up and dressed then he turned to Ruby and said, “Ok this is the last time that I will ever touch you, now tell me what the last seal is?”

“Ok, I’ll tell you, it’s Lilith. Sam is supposed to kill her but her death is the last seal. The very minute that she dies Lucifer will be set free. Then he will try to get Sam to say yes to him and be his vessel. That is how the demons all want it to play out but it doesn't have to be that way. We can still fix it so Lucifer never gets out of the box. Oh, just a tip all the angels are not on your side Dean, some of them want it to play out the same way but we can stop it together?”

“I have to go, I need to find Sam. This never happened though right? You really won’t tell them anything?”

She shook her head in agreement, then he left. After Dean was out of earshot Ruby said to herself, “Oh, Dean, I won’t have to say a thing, Sam isn't stupid, he can put two and two together.” 

She laughed at how both brothers were so easily manipulated by her. All her plans were falling into place, even if she did have to throw Lucifer and Lilith both under the bus to make it happen, it would all be worth it as long as Ruby got what she wanted. 

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