Seeds Of Yesterday

This is only my second attempt at writing a story that it based on a series of books but this story is more based on the movie seeds of yesterday. It is a Bart & Cindy story, basically it focuses on these semi related children growing up together while having feelings that go much further than sibling towards one another. My story will start much earlier than the movie did though, it will start when Bart is a teenager at age 14 and Cindy is 12 years of age. The majority of the story will go back between Bart and Cindy's point of view. In case it wasn't clear this is a V.C. Andrews Fanfiction story.


1. Prologue: The Early Years

Looking back on everything that happened, I have to say that the trouble and confusion started the summer that I turned 12. I was having my first boy-girl party; which was only semi supervised. This is the only reason that I agreed to participate in playing seven minutes in heaven game. A boy spins the bottle and the girl that it lands on goes in the closet with him for seven minutes. This is what was happening when my obnoxious brother Bart came rushing into the room. 

He yelled, "Just what the hell is going on here?"

At that exact moment my friend Amy and Matt came out of the closet with their clothes all messed up. It was obvious what had happened but my brother was a jerk about everything that involved me and boys. I knew that he would make a huge deal out of the whole situation.

"It's nothing, now get out of my room."

"I can't mom asked me to keep an eye on your party since she had to go to the store for more supplies. I'm sure that she will be gone for a couple of hours at least. Now tell me what they were doing in the closet together?"

"It wasn't a big deal, we were playing seven minutes in heaven. Now please leave?"

"No, I don't think I will, the party's over everyone please go downstairs and wait for my mother to call all of your parents to come and get you."

I hated him in that moment but he did know how to clear a room out. This left me and Bart alone for the first time in a while. The last time that we were alone together he tried to drown me in a pool. I could only hope that this time it didn't end the same way. My heart was beating really fast, I was nervous and I'm not sure why I was so nervous. Suddenly he was looking at me quite differently that I had ever seen him look at me before. He started walking towards me but I kept backing up until I was almost inside of my closet.

Then he said, "Did you get a turn in the closet with some boy pawing at you? I mean, you did get a turn to be a whore right?"

I could hardly speak, "It wasn't like that and why do you have to be so vile?"

"I'm not maybe I just don't like my sister acting like a common whore."

It was weird because in the six years that I lived with them this was the only time that he referred to me as family. Jory always called me his sister but Bart never did. I thought that he just never wanted to admit that I was a part of his family but now I'm thinking that maybe there is another reason for his behavor. 

"I'm not a whore and I don't think that's why your so upset at the prospect of me letting a boy touch me. I think that your jealous of anyone who's not you touching me."

"That's preposterous, I don't feel that about any girl least of all you. Besides you wouldn't know what to do being alone with a boy. You never answered my question, did you get a turn or not?"

 "It was a vain attempt at avoidance but to answer your question, no I never got a turn in the closet with anyone."

"Why not afraid?"

"No, you just interrupted us way too early that's all."

"Well, maybe you should get a turn right now."

I backed up even further into the closet. I'm not sure why but his presence seemed to be over flooding my senses and it perplexed me. Before I could question what he meant by his comment; his lips were suddenly on mine. I knew that it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself from returning his kiss. I was torn how could something that felt so right be so very wrong? 

I knew that I should've pushed him away but I couldn't do it. The kiss got intense rather quickly, his arms were wrapped around me in a possessive manner as he kissed me quite passionately. It seemed like time had stopped and the only thing that existed was this moment between me and this boy. It felt like I would die if he let me go, I only knew that I needed his touch more than I needed my next breath. He reluctantly pulled away from me but as he was about to speak Jory walked into the room.

"What's going on guys?"

"Nothing, I just caught Cindy playing a game that she's not ready to play yet and sent all her friends downstairs until mom gets home."

"Is that true, are you ok Cindy?"

I had to nod my head because at the moment words seem to fail me. U wasn't sure what to do or how to act around Bart after this incident. I tried confronting him about it but he only pushed me away and said that nothing happened between us and that I should forget about it.

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